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10 Worst Tropes In The Franchise, According To Reddit

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Sep 17, 2022

Under the bridge became one of the most popular franchises for Bravo, even though many fans have speculated that the reality show is scripted. Each season is set on a luxury super yacht and follows a familiar formula that thrives on high levels of drama and the simple threat of danger.

After 20 combined seasons of Under the bridge and its spinoffs, certain aspects of the reality franchise have become predictable, including irritating tropes that fans have spoken out about on Reddit. From repeated storylines to casting specific archetypes to questionable editing choices, fans would love to see the worst tropes from Under the bridge for real.


Picnic on the beach

Since Under the bridge movies in exotic locations, one of the most popular requests from guests is to be served a gourmet meal on a small, usually secluded beach. Although the concept seems simple enough, it forces inside and outside teams to work together, and their miscommunication usually results in finger pointing and lots of back and forth in the bidding.

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Many fans on Reddit expressed how tired they were of the drama associated with these outings, especially for something so simple. Like a Editor says: “The fate of mankind depends on the execution of this picnic on the beach, and we forgot the towels.” Sometimes even a small language barrier is to blame since Hannah once referred to towels as towels, which confused Jess.

fake food reviews

Although it is easy to classify leaders on Under the bridgethey should also be commended for enduring unreasonably rude guests, who often criticize their food and insult the gourmet cuisine, even when it catered to their every whim.

As an editing tip, Under the bridge likes to show a guest asking to speak to the chef before a commercial break. Editor GathywithaG describes this overused trope: “We’re all left on a cliffhanger… do they hate it?! We come back from the break to find they really LOVE it!!” While it’s nice to see positive feedback, the unnecessary suspense gets old.

Overdressed for dinner

Whether it’s a themed dinner for the guests or a night out at a restaurant and club for the crew, everyone seems to be dressed to perfection for dinner. Spending hours on dressing, makeup, and hair can cause guests and crew members to be late for dinner, which can cause drama with the people who had to wait for them .

Reddit user BlueonBlack26 hilariously notes, “Getiing WAYYYY overdressed for dinner…where are you going innnn.” Guests and crew obviously know they’ll be filmed, but it still seems like a lot of effort, especially for the crew to enjoy pasta and espresso martinis at a local restaurant.

The slide and water toys

Since the dawn of Under the bridge franchise, there was a mortal enemy that all sailors must learn to overcome: the toboggan. Season after season, entire crews complain about the physical labor and bicker over the proper methods to install the notorious slide, which hangs over the side of the super yacht. This broken record has only gotten worse with the addition of every “water toy” on the market.

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an exasperated Editor said, “Please tell me someone already said the slide.” Whether it’s watching Lloyd “MacGyver’s” solutions to keep the slide from losing air or worrying about Captain Lee untwisting the slide shortly after recovering from a operation, the inflatable monstrosity has caused more anxiety than any water toy, including jet skis.

Mooring drama

The majority of the Bravo audience probably hasn’t been on a yacht, let alone worked on one. Although the intricacies of docking should be explained, they should not be reiterated so often. After 20 seasons of docking, even a casual fan will understand the inherent possibility that something could go wrong, even if it usually goes off without a hitch.

Of all the Under the bridge leaders, Captain Sandy is the most vigilant in explaining the process, because she would never have touched anything until season 7 of Under the Mediterranean Bridge. Editor whiterabbit818 mimics Captain Sandy explaining, “These docks are so tight, and we have to time it right, so I need Malia and her team to be ON… cut to shoot, nothing happens.”

Alter Ego drunk and blackouts

Crew members on Under the bridge generally have a “work hard, play hard” mentality. But while some just want to let loose, others are determined to get drunk, wreak havoc on the crew, and then blame their actions on their “drunk alter ego.” After drinking too much, some of the worst crew members of Under the bridge Exhibit violent behavior and/or commit unsolicited sexual advances.

Under the bridge The recurring problem of alcohol abuse goes far beyond nicknames like Smashton and Jezebob, and typically leads to “drunken, belligerent, relationship-destroying fights that get swept under the rug…because everyone was passed out and couldn’t remember exactly what happened”, as Redditor DoneDidThisGirl formulates it, which is a serious problem that the show’s producers are capitalizing on.

Change clothes

The premise of Under the bridge relies on the difficulty of living and working not only in the same place, but in very close quarters, which could make it difficult to find a second of alone time. Cameras in the extremely cramped crew cabins captured important conversations, but more often than not the voyeurism in the montages of the footage seems more intrusive than the lack of privacy on Big brother.

Several fans on Reddit spoke on this point, including ClarkDoubleUGriswald, who wrote, “Showing them to the crew changing/undressing…I just feel like it’s invasive and generally unnecessary.” Almost every episode shows the boatswain, chief stew, or captain asking the crew to go change, which would be enough to get the point across, without the crew stripping naked in front of the camera.

Bad work ethic

It’s easy to spot hard-working crew members who just want to travel and be on TV. Several inside and outside team members refused to follow clear instructions from their superiors, and a few blatantly lied on their resumes or resumes, wasting time and tipping money, but more importantly, regardless of the safety of those on board.

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While the inexperienced crew put lives at risk, the stubborn actors were also infuriating to watch, because as Redditor Mat10L explains, “They’re too obsessed with ‘how’ they’re spoken to versus ‘what’ they’re told to do.” A few key examples of this pretentious mindset are third stew Laura Betancourt telling chief stewardess Kate Chastain to “check herself out”, and Kelley Johnson talking to Captain Lee about cleaning salt from the superyacht windows.

Captain Lee’s stunt doubles

Captain Lee has long been a fan favorite because he’s tough but fair with his crew and guests, and he makes safety the #1 priority. His no-nonsense way of dealing with problems is juxtaposed with his bizarrely detailed one-liners, which show his creative way with words, while painting vivid images.

Editor bravoandburritos note: “I agree with Lee’s stunt doubles, they were rare between the first season, and that’s why they were funny.” Captain Lee’s quotes had a southern charm that felt natural in the early seasons of Under the bridgebut when they started appearing in every episode, fans felt the difference and wondered if they were scripted by Bravo’s writing team..

One thing viewers learned about yachting from Under the bridge is that danger could strike in an instant. When the galley catches fire, the super yacht is in danger of hitting something, or a crew member or guest is injured, the show’s editors insist on looping the traumatic footage in every ad throughout. of the season.

Regarding one of the most extreme events of Under the bridge story, Redditor Idsniego explains, “Ashton Almost Drowned premiered for half the season under the title ‘Next Time Below Deck’. I joked…that would never happen.” Even though the accident was extremely serious, by overexposing the public to the footage, viewers began to believe that it was all hype and not life-threatening reality.

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