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15 pasta stores that ship nationwide | Yelp

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Sep 18, 2022


Gemma Foods

There’s something so comforting about noodles and pasta. Maybe it’s knowing that every potluck you go to, someone will bring the pasta salad. Or when you’re in a hurry and don’t know what you’re having for lunch, you can make Garlic Butter Linguine in ten minutes. Perhaps it’s their versatility where even if you’re hosting a dinner party and want to impress your guests, a vodka rigatoni will do the trick. Or when you’re craving something sweet, whip up a baked macaroni. No matter the occasion, season or cuisine, pasta is one of those things you always want. To satisfy your cravings, we’ve highlighted 15 local stores that ship nationwide so you can get this pantry staple in one delivery!

This list was compiled by Yelp Community Managers from coast to coast. Are we missing one? Let us know on Instagram!

Anton’s, Bigoli fresh pasta, Broders Cucina Italiana

We had the carrot side to share and my friends enjoyed the camille prawn spaghetti and baczynsky bucatini. We were all part of the clean plate club so good choices all around. –Yelper Julia S

When I was inside the store, I felt like I was in a mom and pop pasta store in Italy. This pasta is by far the best in the world. And if you can name a local restaurant with amazing pasta, it’s probably made here. Super reasonable prices with incomparable flavors. Gastronomy, comfort, magnificent food at its best. – Yelper Viki D

My wife and I love to frequent Broders Pasta Bar for special occasions, but the charcuterie is fantastic too! We’ve ordered delivery and takeout more times than I can count and I’ve never been disappointed! Highly recommend the sausage and pepper rigatoni. – Yelper Brandon R

ESO Artisanal Pasta, Etto Pastificio, Fox And The Knife

ESO pasta has tons of flavor and is completely handmade which adds to the love and care they give… This company is literally changing the whole dynamic of Morristown so stop eating canned Barilla pasta and go eat something fresh and local. – Yelper Amy G

But let me talk about pasta for a minute… I never knew how fresh and real pasta tasted, now I’m hooked! Not to mention the ravioli. They always come out with fun new ones! I think I’ve tried them all. You can buy frozen, dry or fresh pasta. They sell “etto” which means ounce in Italian so make no mistake. – Yelper Christina B

Let me start by ordering the Ravioli Carbonara. This pasta has literally become by far my favorite pasta I have ever had in my life. I’m 27 and I’ve eaten a lot of pasta. The pasta is so tasty and honestly, it’s a pocket of happiness when you taste it. – Yelper Vanessa S

Gemma Foods, Glorioso Italian Market, Pastabilities

My new reference for hosting! The fresh pastas are delicious and the sauces are out of this world. Impressing my foodie friends with minimal effort for me. Also, my fussy 5 year old is obsessed with vodka sauce, so I keep it on hand for easy weeknight dinners. – Yelper Tiffany G

Whenever you need a nice hot bowl of fresh pasta or the ingredients to make your own, Glorioso’s has it. Stepping into this place is like a big hug from your Italian grandmother. – Yelper Abbie C

Pastabilities has perfected the art of pasta making, if the name isn’t already a dead giveaway. Sure, there’s pizza and salad, a few main dishes, but we all know what draws the crowds downtown: spicy tomato oil and stretched bread. For a carb addict like me, this is heaven. When it comes to the pasta, you would be hard pressed to find a single fault. – Yapping Donald S

Pastosa Ravioli, Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, Raffetto’s

This place is a Brooklyn institution and has always produced fresh pasta, manicotti and ravioli. They’re probably best known for their amazing fresh ravioli, but so they sell other delicious dishes and Italian products. Just a fantastic store that is very well run. Hungry just thinking about it. – Yelper Anthony P

Lordy this place has the goods… I struggled trying to get tagliatelle and it was difficult. Well they had it and another one in spinach too. The pasta comes from different regions of Italy and some American brands. Oh, they also do FRESH PASTA. It’s great, get it. – Yelper Jen R

You taste the history, love and craftsmanship that comes from generations of magic in the form of sauce and pasta. Thank you Raffetto for an incredible culinary journey that we experienced in our own kitchen. – Yelper Estee A

Authentic Italian cuisine from Talluto, Thacher & Rye, Scopa Italian Roots

There’s nothing like Talluto! We have been going there for years. We love ravioli, tortellini, fresh pasta dumplings and fresh cheeses. It’s a very small store but they have maximized space very efficiently. – Yelper Paige G

The lasagna was delicious and the sauce was full of flavor. The ravioli were my absolute favorite. The goat cheese was tangy; the red pepper sauce was perfect…not too sour and not too heavy. Pepperoni (I’ve never been a fan of pepperoni) took it to the next level. – Yelper Abby W

Pasta dishes are worth all the carbs and calories. Rich and flavorful…balanced and perfectly spiced. Honestly, I dream of the Pappardelle with braised pork knuckle. – Yelper April C

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