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A dog daycare/boarding franchise with an “all-day play” model opened Monday in Plainfield – Shaw Local

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 8, 2022


A new dog boarding/daycare center opened on Monday with 43 of its 54 time slots reserved for pet parent interviews already scheduled.

For John Quinn, it illustrates the need for Camp Bow Wow Joliet, a new camp-style boarding and daycare centre, which opened Monday in Plainfield.

Quinn is the owner and operator of the 8,000 square foot facility, which can house up to 90 dogs — Quinn calls the dogs “campers” — at a time.

“Dogs are just social creatures,” Quinn said. “They are workhorses and they want to be together. They want to be around other dogs. It’s a great environment for them.

Features at Camp Bow Wow Joliet include indoor and outdoor areas for play and socializing, 74 cabins and suites for overnight dogs, and live webcams so “pet parents can check on their dogs,” according to Camp Bow Wow in Joliet.

“Our model is the all-day game,” Quinn said. “And what that means is that when you stay with us, you’re not put in a crate or in a kennel. During the day, you play in the playground.

Quinn said Camp Bow Wow Joliet has four “very large” play areas to accommodate dogs of different sizes and temperaments. The cabins are also not the same size. Some are bigger so “dog families can stay together at night,” Quinn said,

“All of our cabins come with cots and cozy fleece so campers aren’t lying on concrete floors,” Quinn said. “They are lying on cotton and fleece. It’s very, very comfortable for them.

Quinn said Camp Bow Wow also offers baths for its campers — but not nail clippings or other grooming perks — so the dogs don’t come home “all drooling” at the end of their stay. .

Dogs can stay at Camp Bow Wow for an extended period or attend daycare full-time or part-time, Quinn said. In fact, Quinn said he prefers dogs that need to be boarded to spend time at daycare first.

Bow Wow Joliet Camp may not be suitable for older dogs or dogs with medical needs, such as diabetic dogs that require daily insulin shots, Quinn said.

Nonetheless, Camp Bow Wow is prepared to act in the event of a medical emergency when the pet’s parents are away, either by taking the dog to a nearby animal hospital or by contacting the dog’s veterinarian if the problem arises. is not urgent, said Quinn.

Camp Bow Wow will also contact the dog’s emergency contact if they cannot reach the animal’s parents, Quinn said.

A longtime active member of the Joliet area, Quinn said he wanted to open a business to give back to the community that has blessed him. So Quinn drew on his own experiences to fill a need, he said. Too often, when pet families have to travel, they can’t find good accommodations for their pets, he said.

Quinn said he decided to own a Camp Bow Wow franchise because of his play model and strong safety profile for taking care of people’s ‘fur babies’, he said. .

Camp Bow Wow Joliet offers all-day play for pet parents who need daycare or boarding for their dog "Campers." The 8,000 square foot facility includes indoor and outdoor areas for play and socializing, 74 cabins and suites for overnight dogs, and live webcams for parents to monitor their dogs.

The 20-person staff includes its executive director Kate Mohundro and camp counselors trained in dog behavior and health, with a ratio of 1 counselor for every 25 dogs, Quinn said.

Mohundro has owned and operated the Truth restaurant in Joliet for 17 years and Quinn is happy to bring her skills to Camp Bow Wow in Joliet, he said:

“Kate brings so much experience when it comes to providing service and bringing teams together for a common cause,” Quinn said. “She did an incredible job with our team.”

Camp Bow Wow Joliet is located at 2230 Illinois Rte. 59 Plainfield.

For more information, visit campbowwow.com/pretty.

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