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A gym and a night bar will open in the same establishment, in Brives-Charensac

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 27, 2022

If the opening of the Burger King, Côte de Tirebœuf, makes the inhabitants of the Ponot basin salivate in advance – those who are less fond of hamburgers -, another project, a stone’s throw from the fast food restaurant under construction in Corsac in Brives – Charensac, could well, in turn, make their mouths water.

A huge roof terrace

This large-scale project, led by Norbert Sahuc, is slowly taking shape. Or ? Behind the building, bought before the Covid-19 crisis by the former boss of Michelet, which houses, among other things, the French bakery-sandwich franchise Marie Blachère, the Mangeons Frais store, or the Bleu Libellule brand, specializing in the sale of aesthetic products. It is there, at the back of the car park and at the foot of the greenway, that a giant is to emerge from the ground in the coming months.

The foundations, although unimpressive at this stage of the work, already say a lot about the dimensions of the future building. On the menu: a structure on two floors – at least -, about ten meters high and with a total surface area of ​​nearly 2,400 m2 on the ground.

On the ground floor, it will house a new sports hall and on the first floor, a night bar which has more than one trick up its sleeve to seduce Altiligériens. Starting with a huge roof terrace, but also bay windows along the entire length of the store.

McDonald’s and Burger King are recruiting in Brives-Charensac

Opening scheduled for 2023

A restaurant listed in the city center of the city of Ponote was also to settle there, but the installation project unfortunately aborted, due, according to the owner of the premises, to the difficulty of recruiting staff in the sector of restoration. Unless a restaurateur makes himself known immediately, before the work is too advanced, the inhabitants of the basin will have to meet their needs by means of the refreshments served at the counter.

For now, the project, which began a month ago, is still far, very far, from being completed. If the company Polignac Arnaud, in charge of the structural work, has started to lay the foundations of the project, the modeling of the building promises to be longer than for the Burger King, whose walls were erected at high speed during the ‘year. the summer, surprisingly, by its speed, the Altiligériens returning from vacation. Its opening is only scheduled for 2023.

A DJ position to be filled. At the end of July, a job offer was published via social networks to work, as a resident DJ, in a “new establishment which will open in the spring of 2023”. CVs should be sent by email to the following address: [email protected]

Focus on the construction site

Formerly deserted, the site, located on the coast of Tireboeuf, in the heart of the Corsacian territory, in full expansion since the opening of the ring road, is now very busy, from morning to evening. Attendance to which is added the comings and goings of construction machinery. Hence the message of caution, clearly visible at the entrance, intended for all.The construction of a new establishment on this 8,500 m2 site, with a hundred-space car park, is the logical continuation of the major project which materialized in 2020.With the purchase of the land by Norbert Sahuc, the town of Brives-Charensac says goodbye to a commercial wasteland, abandoned for years. Photo by Vincent Jolfre.Redeveloped in 2020, in the midst of Covid, the building formerly occupied by ED and Dia until 2014, now houses no less than six businesses: the Bleu Libellule brand, which has been established in these premises for a long time, but also France Pare-Brise , the optician Alain Afflelou, the store IrriJardin, specialist in swimming pools, spas and watering, Mangeons Frais and Marie Blachère.

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