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An engineer turned foodpreneur redefining the hospitality industry: The Tribune India

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Oct 30, 2021

Tribune press service

Amritsar, October 29

An engineer who turned his passion for food into a growing business opportunity – Ankush Arora, the young foodpreneur from Chandigarh – is successful in the matter.

The young gun, who was studying to pursue a career in engineering, was introduced to the idea of ​​American street food during his brief stay in the United States and returned to his hometown to open a Quick Service chain. Uncle Jack’s Restaurant (QSR). . Six years later, he has a point of sale in every major city of Punjab, the most recent being opened in Amritsar.

Despite the challenges the food and service industry is going through after the pandemic, Ankush appears to be positive. “The year has been difficult, but we have had a good journey because we have managed to capitalize on our strengths, which is to say to serve quality food. I never really planned on pursuing a career in the food industry, but I have always enjoyed learning about different styles of cooking. I’m always open to learning new things and it introduced me to the street style American cuisine that is now familiar on a global scale. I saw a good business opportunity because fast food is not really an industry where a lot of experimentation is happening, ”he says.

His motto and his vision for his young food company brand are: stick to the basics. “We offer a specific menu, service and experience to our customers. I think doing what you do best and not really thinking about the competition is the key to growing your business, ”he says.

With this, Ankush also opened its outlet in Delhi, the food capital. Throughout the pandemic, it was able to diversify its resources. “It was the only way to financially survive the pandemic. I believe that we are not a cafe but a restaurant which offers a menu specific to the cuisine and quick service.

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