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An Indian gastronomic establishment saved by a local restaurateur

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Oct 26, 2022


An award-winning town center restaurant that was forced to close due to ‘skyrocketing’ costs has been rescued by the owner of one of the East Midlands’ most popular fine dining restaurants.

Masala Junction closed on October 15 after a series of “relentless challenges” exacerbated by the pandemic achieved its goal.

The restaurant had been in business for seven years and was named Best Neighborhood Restaurant at the Nottingham Restaurant & Bar Awards in 2019.

Now, in a remarkable turnaround, Amita Sawhney of MemSaab on Maid Marian Way has stepped in to save the day and plans to reopen Masala Junction on October 31.

Founder Naj Aziz said he “couldn’t be happier to hand over the reins” to Sawhney.

In a statement, Aziz said: “We have very good news!

“Since our last post, we have closed Masala Junction on October 15th for what (we thought) would be the last time.

“In a very unexpected turn of events, our very good friend and fellow restaurateur, Amita Sawhney, who you may recognize from MemSaab on Maid Marian Way, has reached out to us with a message that we are so excited to share with you. .

“Moved by the sad circumstances of our closure, Amita was convinced that this was not how the journey of our beautiful restaurant should end. To my surprise and delight, and I hope you will too, Amita has volunteered her energy and resources to ensure that Masala Junction will continue to stay open and thrive!

“Hearing Amita’s appreciation for the dedication and love we put into creating our restaurant, I couldn’t be happier to pass the reins into her very capable hands. Her work ethic is admired and respected by all who know her and having worked together in the past, I am confident that her care and commitment to the team and the restaurant matches mine.

“Life sometimes has a funny old way of working out and while it’s Adios on my part, I’m so thrilled that Masala Junction’s legacy continues and that the MJ team, including members of the Aziz family and the Kitchen team, sticks together.It is their hard work that makes the restaurant the wonderful experience that it is.

“Amita reopens on October 31 and hopes to welcome you soon, as do the friendly faces of Israr and the team many of you have come to know.”

Aziz thanked supporters for “their support and kind words, especially over the past few weeks.”

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