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Auditions 4 Live Blog (Video)

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Jun 22, 2022

America’s Got Talent Season 17 auditions continue with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the jury. Terry Crews hosts. Learn about the new artists vying for the $1 million prize and a headlining show in Las Vegas.

Simon Cowell tweeted earlier Tuesday that Sofia Vergara chooses his act Golden Buzzer.

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Cubcakes – Kids Dance Team

This teenage Hip Hop dance team hails from Orange County, California, created by choreographer Thalia Ramos. They did the Duels on dance world Season 2. Sofia had to explain to Heidi that they are not the CUPCAKES. The group was very small on WOD. However, the group includes a little boy who can’t help but be the center of attention. Very cute. Sofia calls them perfect. Simon thinks they have personality – 4 yes

Ethan Jan – Rubik’s Cube pro

Ethan is from Redlands, California and is a senior in high school. He has a large following on Tik Tok (409.4K). He holds the Guinness Book World Records for solving the Rubik’s Cube. Each of the judges prepares a Rubik’s Cube. He understands everyone in seconds. The one he solves behind his back. He solves another by juggling. He takes the fourth to the stage, where he rides a unicycle… and solves the cube. It’s quite impressive. No wonder Tik Tok loves it. Simon calls him a genius. Sofia thinks he transformed in front of them. Heidi calls it “amazing” adding, “You’re probably a robot!” – 4 yes

Kristen Cruz – Singer

Kristen is a 20-year-old singer from Irving, Texas with multiple viral covers. She is known for her renditions of pop, soul and cult songs while making herself iced coffee and other assorted drinks. His Tik Tok has 2 million followers. She started her Tik Tok drink by making schtick during quarantine. The insights she accumulated really gave her confidence. She is finally trying to launch a real career on AGT. She sings Everybody Loves An Outlaw’s “I See Red” with a raspy voice full of throat. The audience is immediately on their feet. If she is nervous or insecure, she hides it well! Simon calls it “incredible”. Howie says “You’re on fire.” Heidi calls her “a star in the making…you have a gift.” Sofia calls it “powerful and sexy”. Simon calls his voice “seasoned”. He loved the song choice. 4 yes

Then quick hits from a trio of comedians

Chris James – Comedian

Chris is a British-African comedian, but currently based in the United States. He played the role of Barack Obama in the black comedy Obamaland. It turns out that Chris and Simon were born in the same British town. Chris riffs on his great sounding English accent. To the Americans, anyway. Howie calls him likeable. – 4 yes

Connor King – Comedian

Connor started doing stand-up comedy at the age of 18 in Los Angeles. His biggest platform is Tik Tok, where he has 125,300 followers. He tells jokes that the public does not like. In one, he jokes that his father was a drug dealer. “I probably had a Playstation before you.” Howie thinks he needs more time. Heidi, Simon and Sofia liked his nervousness. 3 yes Howie says no

Lace Larrabee – Actress

An Atlanta-based comedian who tours nationally, Lace created Laugh Lab Comedy in 2017, a female-only stand-up class. She also co-hosts a podcast called “Cheaties Podcast”. She admits that she has competed for 14 years. She’s funny right off the bat, which is what Howie expects from a comic. She tells jokes about her parents, who had her at 17. This time Howie is up. Sofia calls it “effortless”. Howie compliments his pace. Heidi thinks she has beauty and intelligence. Simon calls it naturally funny – 4 yes. Lace and Connor have become friends offstage, he watches from behind the scenes as she absolutely KILLS. Sucks to be him.

Jannick Holste – Illusionist

Jannick is a stage magician and illusionist and was a semi-finalist on The super talent 2021 (Germany has talent). AGT watched his audition HERE. The 19-year-old reveals he’s Heidi Klum’s biggest stan. He teaches dance and ALSO studies mathematics. He introduces himself as a dancer. but in fact, he’s an illusionist who dances through his number on Heidi’s new single. As he dances, performers appear seemingly out of nowhere. Eventually, there are five people on stage (a girl is swapped for a guy who looks like Jannic) strutting along to Heidi’s song. Howie calls it “the pinnacle of surprise”. Sofia really liked magic. Simon jokes that the voice sounded like a hurt cat. – 4 yes

Kieran Rhodes – Singer

Kieran brags to Terry that he learned to play the piano by watching Youtube videos. “Completely self-taught!” But he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied songwriting and piano. So he went through training. But he finds it intimidating to attend the prestigious school with children who have studied their whole lives, Kieran once co-wrote a song for television: a song for Food Network’s RestaurantImpossible. He performs ‘She’s Got a Way’ by Billy Joel, accompanying himself on the piano, but Simon interrupts him and wants an original song.

He performs “Disengage”, which he wrote about depression. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics moving. He is a talented songwriter. Sofia shouts BRAVO! Howie says, “You are a star.” Heidi calls him handsome. Simon thinks he’s talented and interesting. Simon identifies with him as a self-taught talent. His mother is almost crying in the audience and as she greets him backstage. – 4 yes

Girl with curly hair with a reaction. THIRD TIME they’ve used this move in two years. At least! Never assume that an audience reaction is ACTUALLY reacting to the thing on screen.

Kristy Sellars – Pole Dancer

Kristy won Australia has talent Season 9 in 2019. Her act features graceful pole dancing alongside multimedia narration. The show previewed this audition last week HERE. She is 35 years old and a mother of three children. After having children, she took pole dancing lessons and became thrilled. Simon feigns boredom at the pole dance. But she won a Got Talent show. He must know his act. The show combines pole dancing and multimedia projection. She’s not an incredibly gifted pole dancer, but creative storytelling via projection technology takes over. It really is a spectacle worthy of Las Vegas. Heidi describes her vision as “incredible”. Howie says, “You blew my mind.” Sofia says, “You deserve to be here.” Simon calls it “phenomenal, incredible”. – 4 yes

Manny D’Mago ​​- Magician

Based in Los Angeles, Manny presents himself as a magical and psychic artist. But he does rude stuff, like putting sharp things in his tongue. The judges did not feel it. They buzz it. – NOPE

Justin Rupple – Prints

Justin is a comedian, actor, and print/voice actor from Los Angeles. He has 288.7,000 followers on Tik Tok. He appeared in the print game show First impressions in 2016 and won her episode. Justin also replaced TJ Miller as the voiceover actor for Tuffnut Thorston in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World after a series of scandals render TJ unbanked. He jokes that he’s a “stunt voiceover” artist, the cheap alternative to finishing a movie in post. Damn. He’s open about being polyamorous. His two female partners are seated side by side in the audience. The trio live together. In his number he describes how he creates an impression, step by step, but in a humorous and colorful way. Howie calls his act funny and interesting. “You blew it out of the water,” Heidi said. Sofia calls it “entertaining”. – 4 yes.

Cline Twins – Hockey Stick Tips

Based in Ontario, Canada, the 16-year-old identical twins (Connor and Carson) perform tricks with hockey sticks and pucks. They have over 60,000 followers on Tik Tok. They have been playing hockey since they were 6 years old. They obviously rehearse A LOT, as their tricks are impressive, using their sticks to toss pucks into the air. It’s a bit like a form of juggling. If they could keep multiple pucks in the air at once, that would be REALLY impressive. Sofia thinks their mom probably hates the constant rehearsals (she looked pretty happy backstage, actually). Howie calls it unique and new. Simon wasn’t expecting much, but it was “awesome”. – 4 yes

The Glamor Aussies – Dog Dancing Act

Christine Elisabeth Berczes from Holloko, Hungary runs a canine dance school called Glamor Aussies. She teaches dogs to dance and has won several canine dance championships with her animals. Oh. The doggie is so cute. The story is Christine trying to read, while the pooch wants her attention. He brings her a basket of flowers and she takes it. The act is a bit different than most dog acts. Rather than a doggo performing a million laps, the routine tells a lyrical story. Howie compares the act to ballet. Simon thinks the dogs will compete in talent shows like Dancing with the stars. Maybe he should create this show. Ha. – 4 yes

Testa – Danger Law

He appeared on Romania has talent where he performed many dangerous stunts such as sticking a drill in his nose and stepping on fire and knives. Testa explains that he is “exploring the limits” of his body. Ugh. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I HATE THESE ACTS. He first sticks his foot on a flame. Well, flame retardant, obvs. He climbs a ladder made of sharp knives in his hare paws. It must be a trick. Maybe the bottoms of his feet are covered in something undetectable from afar? Then he hangs on a knife by the neck. Why do people like this stuff? yuck. Sofia admits that she loves and hates acts of danger. Heidi calls it something new. Simon calls it like “watch the Presage at lunch.” – 4 yes

Mayyas – Dance Group – Sofia’s Golden Buzzer

This Lebanese dance team won The Arab has talent in 2019. The group knew its choreographer when he was a child. He shares how difficult it is to bring women’s dance to Lebanon. Last year’s golden buzzer act, the late Night Bird, inspired him. The dancers share how difficult life is in Lebanon and that dancers are not fully accepted in the Arab world. (But they won Arab’s Got Talent!). They plan to hypnotize the audience with synchronized and mesmerizing movements. The wavy feathers are pretty cool. The judges and the crowd are on their feet at the end. Sofia calls him beautiful and creative. Howie said he was hypnotized. Heidi calls her gorgeous. Simon calls them the best dance number they’ve ever seen. Afterwards, Sofia says she wants to “empower them even more” before hitting the Golden Buzzer. The confetti is flying and everyone is crying!

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