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Back Bay Packaging’s Mac Posey discusses industry trends

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Nov 1, 2022


Mac Posey is the owner and operator of Back Bay Packaging in Newport Beach, California. In the following article, Mac Posey of Back Bay Packaging discusses industry trends, changes, and how supply chain issues have affected the industry.

The packaging industry has seen a small revolution during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shipping has become more important than ever for individuals and businesses.

While the pandemic has paved the way for these changes in efforts to keep the packaging industry operating at its full potential, trends continue to emerge and cement their place in the industry.

Below, Mac Posey of Back Bay Packaging discusses four industry trends worth noting.

Smart packaging

This term refers to a wide range of technologically advanced packaging solutions offering great advantages in connectivity and security. These solutions have become useful during the confinements imposed because of the COVID pandemic and are used more than ever today explains Mac Posey.

  • Connected packaging, which is exclusively designed for logistical and customer purposes, improves the chances of the customer to interact with the brand via scannable codes. This has allowed brands to reach customers more effectively and improve engagement.
  • Smart packaging is designed to provide greater accuracy in communicating product quality and safety. This reassures customers that their order has been properly taken care of, reducing the risk of parcel returns.
  • Active packaging, like smart packaging, are quite common in the food industry. This method uses different packaging materials to reflect the contents of the package. This improves its durability during storage.

Supply chain issues affecting business prices

Given that most countries around the world have begun easing or rolling back their COVID lockdowns, some trends are clearly here to stay. One is the increased reliance on online shopping and therefore shipping, which means packaging companies are in high demand, reports Mac Posey.

This trend has made it difficult for many companies to offer fast and efficient shipping, given limited cargo space and rising shipping costs. This has forced these companies to raise the price of their products as they are tied to high shipping contracts and expenses.

Although packaging accounts for only a small part of the rising cost of living in many countries, every challenge businesses face contributes to rising prices. It remains to be seen how packaging companies and retailers will solve this problem, says Mac Posey of Back Bay Packaging.

vintage packaging

The vintage aesthetic is increasingly popular and the packaging industry is no exception. As more companies want to offer bespoke vintage packaging solutions for their products, designers and manufacturers have risen to the challenge.

Below, Mac Posey lists several reasons why vintage packaging has been so successful:

  • Old-school designs show a timeless aesthetic that retains its essence through the years and decades and recalls the golden age of product marketing.
  • Vintage designs evoke memories of passion and traditions that belong to a time “before” the chaos people perceive in the modern world. Nostalgic and meaningful stories seem to a prime for many people, vintage packaging can be a surprise winner because of this.
  • People are increasingly investing in quality, long-lasting products rather than flat, single-use alternatives. Mac Posey of Back Bay Packaging says vintage packaging is an item in itself – it’s not something you throw away once you receive your product. People appreciate that the packaging is worth keeping and can be used as a personal statement.

Mac Posey Back Bay PackagingSustainability initiatives

It has become one of the most important packaging trends of this year, as the packaging industry has seen a significant shift as customers’ environmental awareness has increased. Of course it’s the same reality that takes place in many vital industries. Many successful companies prioritize adapting to social and political norms.

Mac Posey says the industry is affected by sustainability initiatives just as much as any other business. Industry needs to address customer concerns about single-use plastics, unsustainable materials and oversized packaging that create significant waste relative to the size of the item being shipped.

Companies have found it difficult to meet these targets while balancing the books. Balancing economic interests and sustainability is not unique to the packaging industry, but weighs heavily in an industry that operates on ultra-thin margins.

As regulations become more ambitious, companies must find increasingly innovative ways to protect a strong public image and meet their environmental credentials. Growing environmental awareness has pushed companies to incorporate sustainability into their core strategies, reports Mac Posey of Back Bay Packaging.

For many companies, it’s a matter of “evolve or die”. Developers are working on sustainable solutions – the question is where they can arrive fast enough for packaging services worldwide.

Final Thoughts

These trends show that the packaging industry is still going through tremendous changes as a result of the pandemic and other influences. Industry leaders must stay on top of trends, design bold solutions, and develop ideas that delight customers without breaking the bank.

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