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Best clone troopers in the franchise, ranked

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Jul 23, 2022

The star wars is a long-running sci-fi franchise that features a number of movies, TV shows, books, and video games. Since 1977, star wars reigned supreme as one of the most popular sci-fi galaxies, revolving around the Skywalker family and the order of Force-wielders known as the Jedi. The franchise’s popularity has only grown over the years, with a new generation of fans being welcomed through the creation of series like The Mandalorian and the introduction of Grogu AKA ‘The Child’. Such characters have become favorites of many star wars fans, but that’s not the only character to choose from.

star wars is indeed full of lovable characters. From political figures like Padme Amidala to ridiculous beings like JarJar Binks, the number of characters in the franchise is staggering. While many main characters are beloved, there are plenty of minor characters who deserve more attention. Some of the most beloved – but also, by Collider, the franchise’s most tragic characters are the Clone Troopers. Since its introduction in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones then developed into the anime series The Clone Wars, the public fell in love with the clones. Despite their high numbers, there are quite a few clone troopers that are memorable. They are the best clone troopers in the world. star wars franchised, classified.

8 Cody

While Cody is one of the best-known names in all of the Clone Troopers, his limited screen time is still memorable. Field Marshal Commander Cody played a major role in many Republic victories throughout The Clone Wars. He led his troops to victory in the Second Battle of Geonosis despite all the bumps in the road. He is tactful and thoughtful, which is why he gets along so well with his general Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unfortunately, Cody fell victim to Order 66 and ordered his general killed at Utapau in Revenge of the Sith, but it is impossible to forget all that he has done for the Republic. By sordid side of the forceCody is set to make an appearance in the upcoming second season of The bad lot.

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seven Captain Keeli

Captain Keeli showed his combat skills during the Battle of Ryloth during the Clone Wars. Despite the hardships Keeli faced, her steely determination bought time for the Twi’lek Freedom Fighters and the refugees. Keeli suffered a lot of trauma, including being knocked down by a thermal detonator and seeing many of his fellow clones die at the hands of the Separatists, but he still managed to get back up and face the fight with everything he had. In his last stand with his men, back to back with Ima-Gun Di, Captain Keeli made the ultimate sacrifice to save the civilians.

6 shoeshine

Waxer is arguably one of the franchise’s most underrated clone troopers. While most clone troopers are known for their combat skills, what sets Waxer apart is his empathy for the victims of war. On Ryloth, Waxer finds a young Twi’lek girl named Numa hiding in what remains of her village, separated from any family she may have. Waxer tends to Numa, determined to keep her safe and comfortable, offering her food and talking to her to distract her from the war-torn environment. When she finally reunites with her uncle, Numa waves a heartwarming goodbye to Waxers, whom she now considers her brother.

5 Heavy

Hevy, who gets his nickname from his skill and love of heavy guns, is a name that everyone star wars the fan should recognize. Introduced in Season 1 of The Clone Wars, Hevy was a rookie facing a huge threat. He had a preference for working alone, but the circumstances of his first assignment led him to become a strong leader. Unfortunately, Hevy’s fame was cut short after he gave his life on Rishi Moon’s outpost by manually detonating the bomb to destroy it and let their superiors know the outpost was infiltrated. Hevy made a memorable soldier and his sacrifice will never be forgotten.

4 Ninety-nine

Although Ninety-Nine is technically not a clone trooper as he is not equipped for combat, he is one of the most memorable clone troopers to have crossed our paths. Ninety-Nine’s unique perspective brought wisdom few clones had access to, making him just as valuable as any other soldier. During the attack on Kamino, Ninety-Nine helps his brothers defend their home by supplying them with the weapons and ammunition they need. He proves his loyalty to his brothers when he sacrifices himself trying to get to the armory for more thermal detonators. His legacy survived in The Bad Batch AKA Clone Force 99 was named after him.

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3 Echo of the ARC Troopers

One character that has appeared time and time again is ARC Trooper Echo. Echo gets its name from its tendency to repeat orders, wanting to follow each instruction to completion. During The Clone Wars, he changed and adapted, gaining a position as an RCAF private in the 501st after his valiant work in the defense of Kamino. Echo was originally thought to have been killed while infiltrating the Citadel, but was later revealed to have been captured by Separatists and experimented on by the Techno Union. Despite severe injuries and torture, his loyalty to the Republic remained. After his rescue, Echo returned to battle and eventually joined The Bad Batch.

2 ARC Trooper Fives

Often referred to as the unsung hero of the clone wars, Fives is not only one of the best clone troopers, but he is arguably one of the best characters in the series. Fives was responsible for uncovering Sidious’ plan behind the inhibitor chips placed in each clone’s brain, which nearly led to Fives outsmarting Order 66’s secrecy. is unwilling to blindly follow orders, as evidenced by his rebellion during the Battle of Umbara. When Fives’ inhibitor chip malfunctioned, resulting in the execution of Jedi General Tiplar, he launched an investigation into the true nature of the inhibitor chips. After his tragic death at the hands of Commander Fox, his name lives on. It was later revealed that he did not die in vain as his efforts helped Ahsoka during the events of Order 66.

1 Captain Rex

Captain Rex is the most beloved and memorable clone of the entire franchise, making appearances in several star wars television series, including The Clone Wars and rebels. This fan-favorite is one of the Republic’s most valuable assets, thinking quickly and having the ability to strategize while caring for his brothers in arms. Rex’s bond with Anakin and Ahsoka caused him to initially be able to resist the Inhibitor Chip’s orders. Despite everything Rex went through during the Clone Wars, he remained loyal to the Republic. Rex eventually aided The Bad Batch, helping them remove their inhibitor chips and lent his expertise to the fledgling Rebel Alliance after Order 66. Captain Rex is loved by all as one of the strongest soldiers and more caring to brave the clone wars.

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