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Councilors Welcome Burger King Franchise to Lucea | New

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Oct 18, 2022


COUNCILORS OF THE Hanover Municipal Corporation (HMC) celebrated the opening of a Burger King restaurant in the bus terminus of the parish capital, Lucea, hailing it as their latest proud project.

“This will be another achievement for us – a new police station, Burger King (BK), streetlights – great accomplishments,” Lucea Mayor and HMC Chairman Sheridan Samuels boasted as he announced the arrival. of the fast food business entity. in the chief town of the parish.

According to Samuels, a number of infrastructure projects are being implemented in Lucea in particular, and in Hannover in general, and the arrival of this commercial franchise will be like the icing on the cake.

“Soon we’ll have a Burger King in the parish, and of course we welcome that franchise,” Samuels said.

He said he had recently had discussions with another investor to also establish a KFC franchise in the parish, noting that a suitable location was being sought.

Samuels said it was not easy to get the BK franchise to Lucea, adding that there was some opposition to the planned location of this fast food entity, the Lucea Transport Center in the plaza of the city.

Arguing that there will always be detractors, Samuels said the pitch opened at the transportation hub on Oct. 13 for the business venture, noting that the detractors were absent.

“If you can’t appreciate progress, then you really can’t appreciate yourself,” Samuels said, adding that it couldn’t be said that current advisers had come and gone without any legacy because a number projects were launched.

Samuels was unable to say when the fast-food restaurant would begin operations in Lucea, but seemed grateful investors chose the town.

“I want to thank BK for coming to Hannover and Lucea because the arrangement is really good for us,” Samuels underlined.

He said he was confident the property would not be behind in their payments to HMC like some other tenants they had to deal with.

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