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Day 30 on the election campaign

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Mar 22, 2022


Tuesday is day 30 of the general election campaign. We will report the day’s political events as they occur.

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Live Blog

Republika urges public to ‘vote responsibly’

9:05 Civil society group Republika has urged the public to “vote responsibly”, saying it is a crucial decision, especially as candidates are “bombarding” the people with promises.

“Repubblika encourages voters to choose people who truly believe in the rule of law, who are uncorrupt and who will truly fight corruption and people who will put good above all else.”

What happened to the planned Bugibba Square project? – Cassole

9 am Independent candidate Arnold Cassola started the day by accusing Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo of secretly “brainstorming” restaurateurs and hoteliers in the district this week.

Cassola said Bartolo unveiled plans for the project in July, announcing an investment of 1.4 million euros. The minister had said that the project would be finished by the summer.

“May I ask if the plans are still in effect or have they been changed?

“Will this open public space really be public without any concessions to businesses? Will public benches be installed? Is this what Clayton Bartolo secretly discusses with hoteliers and restaurateurs in his constituency?”

Cassola also questioned why the minister ‘secretly’ met with the hospitality industry. Cassola provided no information on when these meetings were held or who attended.

What’s on the program?

9 am Robert Abela starts the day with an event in Valletta, targeting older voters (10am). After that, the Labor leader is due to report to Paola at 6:30 p.m. and then head to Gianpula, where the PL will hold an evening rally (8 p.m.).

Bernard Grech will kick off the day by addressing a business breakfast in Gozo at 9.15am. the PN will also hold a mass meeting in Gozo tonight.

This event will begin at 6 p.m. in Victoria.

Three more days of campaigning

8:45 am Candidates and parties are now in the home stretch: by Thursday evening their (public) campaign for Saturday’s election will be officially over.

Hello and welcome to our general election live blog. We will summarize the key events of the election campaign as they occur throughout the day.

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