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How much does it cost to buy a hair care or barber franchise like Sorbet, Jeff, Legends or WAXIT

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Nov 14, 2022


  • Many of the most popular hair and beauty salons in South Africa are franchised.
  • It means you can buy your own brand shop like Sorbet, Sorbet Man, Legends Barbershop, Nudo Hair or Waxit.
  • If you have a proclivity for hair and beauty care or want to make money from those who do, a franchise could be the way to go.
  • Here is how much it costs to buy a turnkey business in the hair and beauty industry in South Africa.
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Hair and beauty franchises in South Africa are pretty decent businesses. There are several strong brands that typically require a relatively small retail footprint and provide additional revenue through the upselling of post-processing products.

Unlike fast-food restaurants or cafes, there’s quite a bit of staff training involved – but you don’t have to worry as much about cold chains and other day-to-day logistics. And given the nature of the business, it helps to have help with recruiting, training, and stocking a head office.

There is also a wide range of franchises in this industry available for purchase. Some are expensive due to their established models and brands and the depth of service offered. But if you’re willing to narrow down your treatments or opt for a slightly lesser-known brand, it’s possible to pick up a less expensive turnkey in this industry.

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Here’s how much you’ll pay for turnkey franchises in the hair care, barber and hair removal industry:

I f

Jeff started in 2015 and has grown to over 2,000 franchise stores in 42 countries. The brand covers various industries including laundry, fitness and beauty. Under the beauty banner, Jeff offers a hair franchise that they claim is optimized for increased footfall and productivity compared to traditional beauty salons. They offer two types of stores that sell cuts, manicures, waxes, colors, and treatments.

Jeff costs: It costs around R570,000 to open a Jeff salon in South Africa. This includes membership fees, adapting the store location, and other upfront expenses. Jeff does not stipulate any ongoing royalties or marketing fees.

Barbershop Captions

Legends Barbershop started as a sidewalk barber in 2011. It now has 15 stores across South Africa, four of which are run by franchisees. The store offers a variety of barber-related services, as well as a line of hair care products that franchisees can sell. New franchisees receive two weeks of initial training at the store’s head office.

Legends Barbershop costs: Legends charges an establishment cost of R1.2 million, plus an initial fee of R100,000. After that, franchisees must pay a monthly fee of 12% of sales, which is split between advertising, marketing and management.

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Nudo Hair Lab

Nudo Hair Lab was started in Pretoria in 2017. They claim to provide clients with a high-end personalized wellness-focused experience. Nudo offers a wide range of services, from men’s haircuts to wedding hairstyles.

Nudo Hair Lab Costs: Nudo charges an establishment cost of R2.99 million. After that, franchisees must pay 10% of sales in monthly fees, which are split between management, advertising and marketing.

San hair

The San Hair is a human hair manufacturing company specializing in hair products such as weaves, wigs, extensions and accessories. The company now has 11 stores nationwide and offers franchisees the opportunity to purchase businesses that sell their various products and services.

The San Hair costs: It costs R1.47 million to establish a new store, with the total investment amounting to R1.75 million. After that, ongoing marketing, advertising, and management costs add up to 3% of revenue.

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Sorbet was launched in South Africa in 2005, and since then it has become one of the country’s leading franchises. There are now over 200 stores, mostly franchised, but they still have outlets in most major centres. Several store formats are available, including Traditional Sorbet Salon and Sorbet Man.

Sorbet costs: To open a Sorbet salon or a new Sorbet Man store requires an initial investment of R1.53 million, which includes store layout and infrastructure, stock, training and franchise fees. Sorbet says franchisees need cash totaling R2 million, of which R1 million must be free. Sorbet does not mention monthly management and marketing fees on its prospectus.


WAXIT is a specialty beauty store that focuses solely on body hair removal. They claim to offer a discreet operation by not being a full-service salon business, and they offer a range of treatments. They have 15 stores located primarily in the Gauteng area and are open to applications from new franchisees wishing to enter the industry.

WAXIT costs: WAXIT charges around R1.2 million to open a new store, plus an initial fee of R130,000. They recommend a working capital of R120,000 and charge an ongoing fee of 9% of turnover split between advertising, marketing and management.

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