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How much money to invest to have a successful brewery franchise in Argentina

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 7, 2022

After the pandemic, the gastronomic sector is improving and consumption in restaurants is at its highest in recent years. The same thing happens with categories BreweryIt is in this context that investing in a franchise can be a good option, as they say – there is still a lot to develop.

A few days ago, the consulting firm Ecolatina prepared an analysis which pointed out that Restaurant consumption now exceeds 2015 levels“Given the lack of savings, people consume To cleaninterior tourism, Entertainment or access domain Sustainable as security”, explained the economist Santiago Manoukian in this regard.

in the gastronomy sector, Breweries appear as an opportunityIs it, according to data from the region, Beer Take 50% of consumption alcohol in the country. Specifically, the consumption of varieties in Argentina hand made represented 1.8% of totalWhile in the United States (where the incidence is chronic), it reaches 14%: a Growth Even more on the domestic market.

In this context, a. opportunity to invest in vote The brewery may be an option for those with a certain amount of penniesThat is, according to what they provide in the field, to start such premises it is necessary that – at least – $80,000,

A Penón del Aguila franchise: US$80,000. Of

However, the final amount depends on various factors, such as squareThe Form which will contain the premises and spare parts This is necessary, it is believed, for a local brewery to function. eagle rock required from $80,000,

To invest in a brewery franchise, you must have at least $80,000. should be

“There are broad categories of investments admission fees (u$s20,000) and assembly of keys local, which includes all furniture and equipment purchases. and the most sensitive part is Personalization Locals, because a place conducive to gastronomy is not the same thing as an old house that needs to be 100% adapted. So it can replace investment,” he added. iProfessional Joaquín Abrego, commercial coordinating partner of Centrofranchising.

The minimum size of the premises is 150 m2. should be and we estimate health benefit investment of around 20 and 22 months“Penon is a very competitive format because 70% of its sales are craft beer, which is the product it makes,” said Abrego, who explained: “Currently it has a range of 22 pitches And two more are coming, one in Caballito and another in Jujuy: it’s a very federal franchise. It has great potential for adapting to the territories and has been able to function both internally and in the capital. Currently, its development priority is centered on CABA and GBA.

The total amount also depends on Disorganized chosen and the size of the premises. Of Patagonia Brewery Three types of options are available:a truck“(a stand that can be installed in shopping malls or very busy places);”Refugees” And that “mini pub“(The premises between 150 and 300m2 to be converted into a large beer or gastronomic pole).

For example, it is estimated that Investment to run “Refugees” Around $100,000it’s a space between 80 and 120 m2For high traffic areas where an estimated number of three employees is required. The recovery of investments in these types of formats takes between 24 and 26 months.,

of the company, they insist that they provide Franchise A brand “positioned throughout the territory”, with the capacity arrangement Benefit from immediate large-scale local project and design agreements suppliersAs well as assistance with marketing and communications management and support when starting the business.

Once in operation, it proposes the creation of new varieties of beerIn addition to the “beer supply capacity, centralized at a single supplier” and agreements with input suppliers.

A Patagonia Brewery franchise: approximately $100,000

The total investment to start a brewery depends on the size of the premises and the rooms needed.

Chachingo deductible: $140,000. Of

This franchise concerns a “Gastrointestinal concept” Made by famous winemakers ale vigilwhich incorporates elaborate “premium quality” cuisine and craft beers.

The business model is called “urban lossis the middle of the three that counts: a concept of brewery which incorporates a cuisine menu with the preparation of high-quality sandwiches and pizzas, as well as a complete offer of varieties of premium beers, traditional cocktails and mid-range wines.

total inverse Estimated startups for this type of business $140,000$20,000. including admission fees With an investment recovery estimated at 28 months. The premises must be between 140 and 200m2, “outdoor space for setting tables and suitable for gastronomic accommodation”.

It should be located in “Culinary surveys of the main citieswith the movement of the night” and a group of associates of 8 people at least.

Among other things, the company offers its franchisees “a complete business, leveraging vendor agreements and training for successful management.” It also offers “territorial exclusivity and the special provision of beers and cellar products”.

Brewery Franchise: Necessity for Investors

As Abrego explained, there is two digits When investing in franchisees, it is “important that they exist”: operating partner and investment partner“Generally, and at the beginning of the franchise in Argentina, it was the same person. And in some Business plansAlways the same person. A single franchisee that invests and operates,” said Centrofranchising’s business coordination partner.

The return on investment varies between 22 to 28 months depending on the format and size of the premises

The return on investment varies between 22 to 28 months depending on the format and size of the premises

“but high InvestmentThe model helps to separate these figures and suddenly three friends who collect money, but only we work, Who is the person who manages the human team, the service and provides a good experience for the customer. In addition, whoever is in charge of managing the purchases of ThingBeyond the fact that the franchisor participates and trains,” explained Abrego.

The expert stressed that it is important to keep this in mind. And he traced it like this: “If, for example, three friendbut no one has any idea leads No time, they have a problem. In many cases, The vote is not given directlywhy are you making one filtered And each business model has its own profile.”

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