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How to Start a Habit Burger Grill Franchise in 2022

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Sep 28, 2022

Since its inception in 1969, food franchise The Habit Burger Grill has earned a respected reputation, praised for its award-winning Charburger and laid-back, welcoming Californian essence.


In addition to the Charburger signature, The Habit Burger Grill’s forward-thinking product innovation sets it apart from its competitors in the fast-casual space with fresh salads, artisan sandwiches, and a unique take on classic sides such as beans. tempura greens, sweet potato friends, fries and onion rings. The menu also includes entrees including line-caught sushi-grade Ahi tuna, fresh chicken, grilled sandwiches, and hand-marinated steak. In addition to the emphasis on artisanal menu items, The Habit Burger Grill’s difference is based on the uniqueness of its charcoal grilling over an open flame.

Today, The Habit is a brand of over 330 units in the United States with 11 international locations and a growing global franchise. As the brand continues to grow its presence through a solid franchise and equity development strategyit seeks sophisticated restaurant professionals to bring The Habit to their communities.

Operationally, The Habit Burger Grill is equipped with its unique grilling flavor and diverse menu that appeals to a wide consumer base. The balanced combination of lunch-dinner day sales works seamlessly with a range of store models, including in-line end caps, end cap drive-ins and stand-alone drive-ins, all in suburban environments. The brand’s flexible footprint provides franchisees with a wide range of real estate models suitable for all markets, as well as non-traditional locations such as colleges and universities, airports and amusement park resorts.

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After several years of significant investment in technology and amid a steady stream of technological innovation, The Habit Burger Grill has cemented its status as a brand designed for today and for the future – app sales and web orders soared to nearly 40% of revenue in 2020. The brand’s all-access digital customer experience across social media, web, mobile apps and messaging platforms provides a strong business layer, in addition to the excellence of the traditional dining experience.

Why The Habit Burger Grill?

The Habit Burger Grill is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., which means it offers franchise owners cutting-edge expertise and the appropriate resources to help them run great restaurants with the support of a renowned catering company.

Habit Burger benefits from a team of franchisees with extensive experience running other successful franchises such as Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell. His team guides each franchise owner through their journey to success, from site selection, inventory, training, marketing and IT systems. Once a franchise owner has signed the development agreement, The Habit provides them with suburban-focused market planning and site selection guidance, exterior and interior store prototype design, best practices and a support throughout the construction process and access to all its preferred suppliers.

Franchise owners are fully immersed in the business with 500 hours of training including back-of-house, front-of-house and learning management system. During this time, they will have access to The Habit Burger Grill’s technology innovations, including: Habit POS systems, delivery integration with the company’s mobile and kiosk app, back-to-back system provisioning, home, connectivity provisioning, kiosk and mobile application development and in-house catering service help desk.

When it comes time for Habit Burger locations to open doors and welcome guests, franchise owners are fully supported with comprehensive marketing resources including: new store opening planning materials, access to print and fulfillment partners, local store marketing tools, email, social media and search engine marketing, pricing strategy advice, quarterly marketing updates, relationships public and multi-channel advertising campaigns.

The Habit Burger Grill got a ranking in the 2022 Entrepreneur Franchise 500, ranking at No. 202 overall, and the last three years have seen a 24.3% increase in established units.

How much does a Habit Burger Grill franchise cost?

To open your own Habit Burger Grill franchise, here are the financial requirements, cash required, and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership.

Initial franchise fee: $35,000.

Initial investment: $1,386,000 to $1,814,000.

Net worth required: $3,000,000.

Cash requirement: $1,400,000.

Royalty: 5.5%.

Advertising fee: 1%.

Duration of the contract: 10 years.

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The Habit Burger Grill does not offer financing. Qualified franchise applicants must have access to substantial liquid capital to meet the development obligations of multiple restaurants in the market you are applying to develop, have dedicated resources and infrastructure to operate the restaurants, have experience in construction supervision and real estate development, and have a solid knowledge of financial and social market trends, product distribution, laws and government orders. Becoming a Habit Burger Grill franchisee is a multi-step process, and the applicant approval process can take three to six months.

As for revenue-generating potential, the FTC and various state regulations on franchise sales do not permit the company to provide specific earnings projections. The amount of money you earn will depend on many factors, including your restaurant’s location, traffic flow, local marketing and advertising, cost of your investment, and other important factors such as your ability to operate. and efficiently manage your restaurants.

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Is The Habit Burger franchise for you?

Future franchisees seeking to become as part of the growth of The Habit Burger Grill franchise must possess an entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for the brand, a proven business track record of successfully operating restaurants, have the dedicated resources and infrastructure to operate restaurants, and the ability to source real estate and construction. Candidates must also have access to sufficient liquid capital for the development of several restaurants in a large territory and, ideally, live and work in the market they wish to develop.

The Habit Burger Grill is a chef-led brand at the forefront of menu innovation. The company’s Executive Chef, Adam Baird, is the mastermind behind the brand’s culinary flavors and crafts fresh, new seasonal creations using high quality ingredients. Habit Burger’s forward-thinking LTOs and diverse starter mixes, all offered at great value every day, prove that it’s mastered more than just amazing burgers.

The franchise with The Habit Burger Grill offers tremendous potential through multiple revenue streams. In addition to in-store, take-out and drive-thru ordering, franchisees can access The Habit Burger Grill mobile app, online ordering on the website, phone ordering, curbside pickup, to in-store kiosks and third-party delivery to drive sales, maintain convenience and promote an all-access customer experience.

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