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ByStephanie M. Akbar

May 6, 2022

Do you dream of starting a business this year, but you don’t know what type of business to choose? Here we are talking about Avinash Alladi, a founder of Reboot Chai, who came up with the idea of ​​zero franchise fees, isn’t that interesting? Learn more about Reboot Chai and the franchise.

Avinash Alladi

Avinash Alladi is a software engineer as well as a passionate businessman. He is the owner of “Restart Chai”, and he started his business to generate his second source of income. He said that before starting a business, people think about the problems they may face in this business and I am here to focus on the solution.

Many people are interested in starting their own business, but they don’t know what they should do, and where they should start from, that’s why Avinash wants his business to reach different states so that more people can know about this new business. opportunity. He mentioned that he wants to help passionate people start their business, but they don’t take action simply because of a lack of investment and lack of direction. He accepts the fact that “You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support.” And here he is there to support people and guide them as well.

Restart Chai

Reboot Chai is a well-known franchise; they serve tea, coffee, milkshakes, mocktails, sandwiches, burgers and pizza. This resulted in QSR which stands for “Quick service restaurant”.

People prefer QSR as it saves their waiting time and also its pocket friendly. Seeing the envy of QSR people, they started with outlets in Chennai, Tamilnadu, Chirala, Andra Pradesh and many more are to come. The best quality of Reboot Chai is that they focus on quality food and customer service.

About the Franchise

Reboot Chai Franchise is the first zero rupee franchise in India, they take no franchise fees and no royalties. Since it is QSR, it does not require unnecessary investment. And also one of the best things is that they provide 100% comprehensive training.

One of the biggest problems today is that people want to start a business, but have less investment. And owner Avinash Alladi thinks that “Every problem has a creative solution”. It offers franchises for people with less investment and also covers multiple menu items by providing comprehensive training. Less investment with full training is like hitting a jackpot.

He also added that I have seen many competitors who only give tea and milkshake but we provide more and that too with less investment isn’t it interesting. We provide Franchise Kit worth Rs.2 Lacs which includes cooking equipment, brand and 1 month of required materials.

Connect with them to know more about the franchise and its details:-

Instagram :- https://www.instagram.com/rebootchai/

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/rebootchai

Website:- https://rebootchai.com/

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