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Nasser Hussain makes a big statement

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 17, 2022

Nasser Hussain has strongly criticized the boom of T20 franchise leagues sprouting up all over the world affecting international cricket | Photo: BCCI/IPL


  • Nasser Hussain said cricket would lose something fundamental if T20 franchise cricket was the only thing left
  • Nasser said each format has its own audience, but by no means only T20 cricket can be consumed for the rest of life.
  • Questions have been raised over the future of cricket, with Ben Stokes withdrawing from ODIs and Trent Boult dropping central contract

Cricket administrators have a lot of thinking to do as the sport goes through an existential crisis like never before. Some of the game’s superstars are dropping a format or even reducing their appearance at the highest level, breaks have become more frequent while the advent of T20 franchise leagues across the world does not help as it not only takes away the players. of international cricket, but also generates monotony.

With Quinton de Kock (Tests) and Ben Stokes (ODI) two of the best players in the world in any format, snagging boots in one of them put the focus back on the grueling schedule and but bowler no. 1 in the ODI world, Trent Boult dropping the central contract altogether for New Zealand has opened Pandora’s box like never before. Boult’s decision to spend more time with his family means a player now becomes self-sufficient playing for a few leagues around the world for a few months and giving his family the rest of the time.

With IPL, PSL, CPL and BBL dominating the ICC FTP, a few new leagues have sprung up – one in South Africa, the other in the United Arab Emirates. South Africa decided to forgo their ODI series against Australia for their new league, knowing well in advance that they could risk direct qualification for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup in India. De Kock, Stokes and Boult could well be the start as many other cricketers may find the T20 leagues a more attractive option rather than playing for their country, especially in all three formats.

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Former England captain Nasser Hussain strongly criticized the current trend saying the game would fundamentally lose something if T20 franchise cricket was what they are subject to watch for the rest of their lives. Nasser, being Sky Sports’ commentator over the current English summer, said that having seen Test matches, T20 Blast and now The Hundred, there is a different audience for all three and this n It’s not the case that the longer format in particular is losing its audience.
Nasser in his column for Daily mail used a food analogy to drive the point home. “My general view, however, is that everything should be proportionate. For me, first-class county cricket is the starter, Test cricket the main course and all the white balls stuff the pudding – nice and more greedy.

“But – and it’s a big but – you don’t want to eat pudding every night of the week for the rest of your life. And that’s where gambling has a problem,” he wrote. .

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The 54-year-old said he might belong to the previous generation, but something had to give. “My answer may be typical of my generation. But I think the game would lose something fundamental if the only format we’re looking at was the T20 franchise,” he said.

Comparison between Kieron Pollard, who has retired from international cricket but continues to be a T20 globetrotter, and young South African batter Tristan Stubbs – who received a standing ovation after playing a 10-ball 27 in the hundred after smashed compatriot Tabraiz Shamsi for 4 consecutive sixes – Nasser said it’s not just older players retiring through T20 cricket to earn money before calling it a day, the younger generation is featured like superstars through this format through no fault of their own.

“One area of ​​concern is the extent to which white-ball cricket now grips players early in their careers. It used to be that older players went off at sunset from the T20 and earned a bit of money before call it a day.

“Ten bullets and four sixes is all you need to become a box office hit and attract IPL owners. If you start your career now, there’s a direct way – if you’re talented enough – to make a million I don’t blame the players for choosing him,” he added.

Nobody knows how things will play out over the next six months, let alone a lifetime, however, one thing is for sure, a move like Boult’s might not be the last and that T20 cricket is here to stay. stay whether we like it or not.

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