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PappaRoti opens fourth franchise in Michigan | State


DEARBORN, Mich., December 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – PappaRoti, a worldwide coffee shop franchise, is delighted to announce the opening of its fourth location in Michigan! PappaRoti is a cafe that specializes in their version of a coffee bun, a sweet Asian pastry bun that looks like a pogaca. They opened franchises around United States, including in Illinois and Nebraska, and now in Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Lansing East, and to come – West of Dearborn.

“We are delighted to offer our coffees to the people of Michigan“Says representatives of PappaRoti.” Our specialty coffee buns have been lovingly crafted for almost 20 years in Malaysia and in franchises around the world, and we can’t wait to share them with Michiganders! “

“The magic begins the moment you sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer of the bun,” continues the PappaRoti representative. “This crispy layer on top of our bun is derived from a creamy concoction that has been carefully created with the finest flour.”

With the growing popularity of ‘Coffee Culture’ and the love of freshly baked pastries in metropolitan areas, PappaRoti offers a unique snacking experience to consumers anytime of the day. PappaRoti has chosen to open franchises at Michigan because they believe in the strength of a diverse culture. They also wanted to bring coffee buns to as many people as possible! PappaRoti cafes are not only for those who want to try coffee buns, but also for those who appreciate delicious food.

There is a bun for everyone when you visit a PappaRoti cafe. You can keep things sweet and simple with the traditional signature bread, or you can indulge yourself with options like Ferrero Rocher bread, nut bread for Nutella, cotton candy bread, or berry bread. Each bun can be stuffed with decadent ice cream, mango chocolate chips, and drizzled with a variety of sauces and jams.

PappaRoti has more to offer than coffee and signature rolls. Guests can enjoy a variety of tasty drinks, including matcha tea, Pappauccinos (the PappaRoti spin on mixed coffee drinks), smoothies, milkshakes, and fresh juices.

To get your hands on your own coffee bun, you can visit these new PappaRoti locations:

Farmington Hills

35572 Grand River Avenue, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48127

Rochester Hills

2595 S Rochester Rd, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307

West of Dearborn (Future)

22224 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, Michigan 48124

Lansing East

1000 Trowbridge Road, East Lansing, MI 48823

About PappaRoti

Papparoti launched for the first time its unique and delicious snacking concept in Malaysia in 2003. The brand’s success was ensured by the authentic and memorable flavor of the coffee-coated buns, as well as the delicious drinks. There are currently over 400 PappaRoti restaurants and kiosks around the world, proof of the popularity of our brand. This hugely successful chain not only offers delicious food and drink choices, but also a thrilling sensory onslaught! From the distinctive scent that draws consumers to visually appealing foods and frothy drinks, as well as the delicious taste that has been acclaimed, PappaRoti is sure to be a smash hit in Michigan.

PappaRoti’s delicious Coffee Caramel Rolls have received a lot of praise and are now extremely popular across China, the United Arab Emirates, and other nations. The art of baking, although undoubtedly varied between cultures, has indeed produced a unique and distinctive recipe that transcends cultural differences while attracting an international audience. It’s no secret that food brings people from different walks of life together and PappaRoti, it seems, has done just that. Now, the PappaRoti brand is still expanding its horizons to share the taste of its intensely tasty and aromatic buns across the world.

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