• Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Police investigate 2013 murder of restaurant franchise president

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Oct 29, 2022


Japanese police are investigating the 2013 murder of a restaurant tycoon. This comes after a jailed gangster is arrested on suspicion of shooting and killing him.

Ohigashi Takayuki was shot dead outside the Ohsho Food Service headquarters in Kyoto. The company operates hundreds of Chinese restaurants across Japan and overseas.

Investigators arrested Tanaka Yukio on Friday. He is serving a prison sentence for an unrelated shooting incident. Tanaka is a senior member of a Yakuza group based in Fukuoka Prefecture.

But the police were unable to establish a direct link between the mobster and Ohigashi or his company.

The company set up a third-party committee after Ohigashi’s death. The committee was tasked with assessing corporate governance within the firm.

He reported in 2016 that the company had repeatedly engaged in inappropriate deals involving a group of companies. Shady real estate deals were among the actions cited. The company reportedly lost over $100 million.

The committee said Ohigashi was trying to improve the situation.

According to investigative sources, police officials questioned an individual who was the director of the business group. Authorities want to know if the improper deals had anything to do with Ohigashi’s murder.

The police apparently asked about the flow of funds from the company to the group of companies that the third party committee mentioned in its report.

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