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Qwick unveils brand new brand celebrating the hospitality industry

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Nov 14, 2022


The new branding of the recruitment platform demonstrates a seamless connection between the company and its F&B network

PHOENIX, November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Qwick, the technology leader in recruitment for hospitality businesses and freelancers, today unveiled its completely redesigned, industry-focused brand. Operating exclusively in the hospitality industry, the new brand from the staffing-as-a-service innovator now aligns Qwick’s look and style with an authentic hotel experience.

Since its inception in 2017, the company has developed a marketplace where restaurants, hotels, event venues, caterers, stadiums and more can very easily post shifts for Qwick freelancers to pick up. Its proprietary algorithm invites these uniquely talented hospitality professionals to fill shifts that best match their experience, location, Qwick history, ratings, and more.

Across the platform’s product suite, website and social media, new Qwick brand elements reflect the real look and feel of working in hospitality. The company enlisted award-winning branding agency Red Antler to help highlight Qwick’s expertise and values.

  • The brand’s new wordmark and logo features Qwick as if it were handwritten with thick permanent marker.
  • Updated colors and styling combine rich, saturated imagery with aptly named bold colors for F&B: Lettuce, Lime, Tomato, Cream, Aqua, and more.
  • New typefaces include the permanent marker type, intended to mimic quick handwritten notes common in the hospitality industry, and a technical style font intended to acknowledge Qwick’s technology base. Both bring a human and data balance to the new brand.
  • In homage to the industry, new graphic elements include a nod to colorful day-dot stickers, highlighter annotations, icons in a hand-drawn style, and stylization of paper receipts reflecting tactical communication and the organization of life in hospitality.
  • With a focus on connections and empowering experiences, Qwick’s new photography celebrates the hospitality community by showcasing a variety of people, places and change.
  • Qwick also made a major change to its vernacular. In all communications, the company now refers to professionals registered to take shifts on the Qwick platform as “hospitality freelancers”. The change emphasizes their expertise and the flexibility and freedom with which independent hoteliers can do what they love with Qwick by their side.

“Each update to our new internal and external branding was intentional and focused on our core as a hospitality business,” said Qwick VP Brand, Tracy McGinnis, who led the company’s rebranding. “Down to our vocabulary, graphics, textures and even font weight, every meticulous detail plays into the F&B experience and pays homage to the industry we love. We are proud to share the identity and culture we have developed over the five years of the business. years of staff in restaurants, hotels, caterers and event venues. »

Jenna NavitskyCreative Director at Red Antler, said: “Coming from the creative industry where freelance work is increasingly common, we immediately connected with Qwick’s mission to celebrate the benefits and address the nuances of independent living. Creating this new image with the specific experience of hospitality workers in mind was a fun and rewarding challenge for us. We look forward to seeing Qwick continue to make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Qwick’s rebrand crowns and celebrates a number of recent milestones as the company reaches five years serving the industry. The recently lifted platform $40 million in series B financinghosted its 600,000th shift, earned Inc. 5000 recognition as the 32nd fastest-growing private company in the United States, and was recognized as a Great Place to Work for the second year in a row.

“We are very proud of the significant progress Qwick has made, especially as our growth rate is increasing rapidly every year, quarter and month. And Qwick’s growth is still in its infancy.” said Retta Kekic, Marketing Director of Qwick. “Given our recent achievements and milestones, we plan to further accelerate growth, further develop the Qwick market, expand to more cities and fill even more shifts. Our rebrand , and this now will further propel Qwick’s growth as we build brand recognition and expand the Qwick network.”

Co-founder and CEO of Qwick, Jamie Baxter said: “Our new branding now aligns the outward appearance of Qwick with what we have always stood for in the hospitality industry: flexibility and freedom in food and beverage staff. This will streamline relationship building in the hospitality community and enhance our ability to provide unrivaled staff as we now immediately and clearly express our dedication to the industry.”

With a new look in place, Qwick deepens its commitment to the hospitality industry. The company will continue its huge growth trajectory, continuously improve technology integrations and further streamline the hotel staff experience.

About Qwick:
Qwick is the professional platform at the heart of the hospitality industry that connects experienced food and beverage freelancers with real-time shifts. Dedicated to serving those who serve us, Qwick allows companies to fill shifts and staff flexibly, while freelancers enjoy the freedom to create their own schedules and get paid the same day. As a growth-stage technology company, Qwick is rapidly expanding across the country and serving as a distribution line in the hospitality industry. Qwick has achieved several national recognitions, including the Great Place to Work certification for two consecutive years, and is the 32nd fastest growing company in the United States on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list. Read more about qwick.com.


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