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Star Trek’s Q Confirms The 5 Most Powerful Races In The Franchise

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 13, 2022

Q, star trekThe omnipotent figure of the trickster, is a character who rarely admits his true motives, but his jealousy of four species in franchise canon confirms his strongest competitors. The star trek The universe is populated by many fantastical alien species, inspiring fan debate over which are the most powerful, but Q settled the matter once and for all during the five-issue miniseries. Star Trek: The Q Conflict, first published in 2019 by IDW Publishing. The series brought together four different crews from around the star trek universe and showed fans, once and for all, its most powerful alien races.


Since its inception nearly 56 years ago, the star trek The universe has featured a wide variety of alien species, including shape-shifting Founders, logical Vulcans, and telepathic Betazoids. Additionally, a number of omnipotent, divine races and beings have revealed themselves, meddling in the affairs of the galaxy – these beings were a particular favorite of the writers of the original series. Among these races were the Prophets, Organians, Metrons, and Qs, and Star Trek: The Q Conflict brought many of them together for a showdown of cosmic proportions

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The series opens with Q revealing to Captain Jean-Luc Picard that some of the divine beings in the universe are at war – a war that manifests in massive natural disasters. Q reveals the different war factions, casually calling them out slightly more advanced races, telling Picard that every few millennia these races believe themselves to be at the Q level, leading to conflict and mass destruction. Q’s fascination with humanity leads him to try a new, more innovative approach to age-old wrestling – enlisting crews from all over from Star Trek story rich in history, associating each one with one of the different factions of the war. These teams then face off in a series of challenges, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. Q reveals the four races: the Q Continuum, the Organians, the Metrons, and the being known as Trelane. Written by Scott and David Tipton, the series was drawn by David Messina, Elisabetta D’Amico, Carola Berelli, Silivia Califano and Giorgio Spalletta.

Q is dismissive of his competitors, but the fact that he sees them as a threat makes it clear that they are powerful enough to challenge the Q continuum for the top of the food chain, and the reality is that each of these races puts a serious injury to the crook. Moreover, the conflict between the four species nearly tears the fabric of spacetime apart. Races such as the Klingons or the Borg can seem powerful or fearsome, and while their reputation seems to justify it, conflict between these two races would not destroy the universe.

Q and his divine companions have done so much damage to the universe that the Prophets (another divine race) must restore reality afterwards, at which point it is confirmed that they have been offered a place in the contest but refused. While the Dominion and Cardassians have been responsible for chaos and carnage on unsuspected levels, they have never achieved anything like Q and his compatriots. In the face of a power of this magnitude, species such as the Romulans and the Breen are unable to compare.

One of star trekit is most famous aspects is the diversity of species observed throughout its history, but there are only four Q considers direct competition: Organians, Metrons, Prophets and Trelane. These star trek the species are capable of waging war on a truly cosmic scale, far beyond anything the Federation can imagine – but thankfully no more than they can stop it with the right amount of ingenuity.

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