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The 10 Greatest Villains In The Minions Franchise

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Jul 16, 2022

With Minions: The Rise of Gru performing exceptionally well at the box office, the Minions movie franchise is clearly alive and well. This franchise started in 2010, and The Rise of Gru is the fifth film in the beloved series. One of the most entertaining aspects of the film series is the colorful cast of villains who attempt to thwart the franchise’s antihero, Felonious Gru.

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The bad guys each have a unique gadget that sets them apart and a slew of wacky weapons at their disposal. Although all the villains are funny and evil, some of them stand out.

ten Dru Gru from Despicable Me 3 is an aspiring villain

As if a Gru wasn’t funny enough, Despicable Me 3 gave audiences a second version of the beloved villainous protagonist. Gru’s long-lost twin, Dru Gru, stalks his brother in an effort to learn how to be a supervillain.

The incredibly rich and aspiring villain brings Gru out of retirement and inadvertently reminds him why he loved being a villain in the first place. The brothers pull out many of their late father’s favorite weapons and gadgets, rekindling Gru’s passion for evil. Watching Gru in this family dynamic helps Dru Gru stand out as a solid villain, and their antics are entertaining.

9 The evil Dr. Nefario is a great gimmick

Dr. Nefario appears in several Minions movies, including Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. He also has cameos in Despicable Me 3 and the first Minions film. He is Gru’s gadget and designs most of the weapons used by the franchise’s anti-hero. Dr. Nefario lives in Gru’s underground lair with the Minions.

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Dr. Nefario can sometimes have strange ideas about weapons, but his talent as an inventor makes him a formidable force for evil. This indispensable behind-the-scenes villain makes all of Gru’s diabolical plots possible.

8 Scarlet Overkill from Minions 1 is whimsical and fierce

When it comes to villains in the franchise, Scarlet Overkill has it all: a flashy personal style, a convincing fake smile, and an arsenal of ingenious weaponry. Scarlet uses her looks and her charm to get her way, which works in any situation, but she has a dominant side hidden behind all of her class.

Scarlet Overkill is undeniably evil and will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. First Minions movie, Scarlet has big plans to steal Queen Elizabeth II’s crown and bullies the Minions into helping her. Scarlet’s ruthless ambition makes her a very worthy opponent.

seven Revenge of Minions 2 is a roller skate thief

Sometimes all a cartoon villain really needs is a catchy name and a flashy set of wheels. This is certainly the case for Minions: The Rise of Gru the villainous Svengeance, a Swede who uses his excellent roller-skating skills to hunt his opponents.

Svengeance is a member of the infamous Vicious 6, a group of villains who take on young Gru and his minions in the franchise’s latest installment. He may not be the strongest member of the group, but he sure has the best footwork and is fun to watch.

6 El Nacho from Despicable Me 2 has super strength

In Despicable Me 2, Gru and agent Lucy Wilde meet restaurant owner Eduardo Perez while canvassing the Paradise Mall. Eduardo seems like a nice man, but what Gru and Lucy don’t realize is that he’s actually the supervillain El Macho.

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This evil villain is famous for his bank robbery skills. El Macho is also a formidable enemy due to his super strength, a skill he uses to easily defeat his enemies. He attempts to use PX-41 to create an army of evil henchmen, but ultimately fails to accomplish this goal.

5 Balthazar Bratt is a musical villain

Balthazar Bratt is a very flash villain from Despicable Me 3. He’s a former child star who turned to a life of villainy when his TV series went off the air. He’s driven by revenge and wields an ’80s-themed arsenal of weaponry as a tribute to his glory days.

Balthazar’s signature weapon is the Sonic Keytar, a musical weapon he uses in an attempt to defeat Gru. He plays “Jump” by Van Halen to generate a powerful sonic explosion. Balthazar may not be achieving his evil goals, but he won fans over with his musical talent and fashion sense.

4 Belle Bottom is a charismatic diva

Belle Bottom is one of the new Minions villains movie franchise, but it has already made quite an impression on fans. Belle Bottom is a true diva of the 70s and is the powerful leader of the Vicious 6. Minions: The Rise of Grushe and her evil crew confront the young Gru after he steals their prized possession, the Zodiac Stone.

Belle Bottom uses whimsical dance moves and her sweet charm against her enemies, and her no-prisoner attitude makes her very intimidating. She is also quick to overtake anyone who stands in her way. She is able to transform into a dragon, possesses superhuman strength, and has an extendable belt attached to a mace.

3 Vector is a talented but licensed inventor

As a spoiled but intelligent character, Vector’s personality traits make him a very effective villain. Vector is the king of gadgets in Despicable Me, rivaling the great gadget Dr. Nefario for creating the most interesting and innovative weapons. The vector begins Despicable Me as a simple budding supervillain, but he quickly rises through the ranks with his ambitious plans and flashy gadgets.

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Having kidnapped girls and committed an unknown number of crimes, Vector poses a great threat. Unfortunately for Vector, his authoritative and arrogant nature sometimes distracts him from his goals, and this weakness ultimately allows Gru to defeat him.

2 Despicable Me 2’s purple minions are hilarious

The Minions are as weird and adorable as cartoon villains can get, but their purple alter-egos are even weirder and more evil than the originals. The purple Minions are the result of a mutation caused by the chemical agent PX-41.

While the yellow Minions speak Minionese, the wild purple Minions communicate with angry roars and growls. Like others subjected to PX-41, purple Minions have increased power and aggressiveness, making them very formidable in groups. They willingly eat or destroy anything in their path. Evil Minions are bloodthirsty, aggressive, and have increased durability.

1 Felonious Gru is a lovable anti-hero

At the heart of the Minions The film franchise is Felonious Gru, a relatable anti-hero who strives to be the most powerful supervillain on the planet. Like many people, Gru can be clumsy and awkward at times, but his sarcasm and dry sense of humor were popular with audiences.

Gru also has a soft spot for children and his loyal team of Minions, which makes him a very endearing character. Despite the fact that he is determined to carry out evil plans, fans can’t help but support Gru to succeed in his endeavors. Starting out as a cruel and heartless man, Gru has grown into a much kinder person. Nevertheless, he still has many interesting weapons at his disposal and he possesses great strength.

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