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The 8 Best Yautja (Hunters) In The Predator Franchise, Ranked

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Nov 12, 2022


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Predator (1987) spawned an iconic film franchise, as well as an entire crossover universe with the Extraterrestrial franchise – which explores the lore of the alien race Yautja (originally known as “Hunters”).

From their hunting season customs to the hierarchy of their homelands, there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.

The Predator movies could have their ups and downs, with many being written off by critics for poorly crafted narratives. Yet even so, the Yautja remain fascinating lore-wise, and they never fail to inject thrilling tension into action-packed scenes.

One thing the franchise does well is make each Yautja their own character. No two predators are the same, as they have their own motivations, abilities, and hunting strategies.

Of course, the Yautja characters are not individually named, probably due to the language barrier, but we can tell them apart by their different designs, characteristics, and behaviors.

And with that, here is our ranking of the different Yautja of the Predator franchise and how they stand out.

8. The City Hunter (Predator 2)

Here we have the Predator that operated in the city of Los Angeles, earning it the name “City Hunter”. He marked several victims among drug trafficking groups, which caught the attention of a police officer.

Although he was a truly ruthless killer like the other predators, he still follows the Yautja race’s code of honor, as seen when he spares the life of a pregnant woman and the baby she is carrying. .

7. The berserker predator (predators)

In predators (2010), we discover three main characters of Yautja: Berserker, Tracker and Falconer. Unlike the ancient predators, these three were bigger and stronger because they were super predators.

Berserker poses as the leader of the team and has a not-so-common way of obtaining his trophies: he brings those he deems worthy to a “game reserve”, then hunts them down as if it were the season of the hunt.

To add to its cruelty, the Berserker Predator also stalks its own kin, as shown by the remains of several other Predators and a Yautja tied up in its lair.

6. Scar (Alien vs. Predator)

The movie franchise crossover event Alien vs Predator (2004) featured a Yautja ritual in which young predators transformed into “bloodhunters” after being first killed by Xenomorph.

Scar, along with two other Predators, participated in the ritual and was the only one of the group to become a Blooded Yautja.

However, he worked with a human (Lex Woods) to wipe out the Xenomorph Hive and then let it live. He even gave Lex a weapon made from the fallen Xenomorph’s carcass.

Scar easily killed his first Xenomorph, but was later impregnated by the facehugger after removing his headgear to mark his transformation into Blooded Yautja. Rookie move, Scar.

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5. The wild predator (prey)

The film Prey (2022) took a new turn in the Predator story, featuring a Yautja who had unique characteristics far different from others we’ve seen – his physical features, headgear, hunting style, and more. Again.

If the Predators of the first films were modern fighters, the Yautja in Prey was a primitive hunter who relied on brute force with some Yautja technology (e.g. cloaking device).

Although his prey is not very well equipped, we were still treated to many interesting scenes and badass kills.

4. The Fugitive Predator (The Predator)

The Fugitive Predator was an unusual Yautja, as it went to Earth not as a hunter but to gift the human race with something to use against a Predator invasion: the Predator Killer armor.

What puts it at the top of our list is that it has human DNA in it. It turns out that the human race has a deep connection to the Yautja race, and the predators love to hunt humans because the people of Earth have outmaneuvered them time and time again.

While other Predators mostly rely on their cool helmets, the Fugitive Predator can perform some cool feats without its headgear, like voice recognition and mimicry (used to unlock a voice password).

All goes to paint the Fugitive Predator as an enhanced Yautja, one that has proven deadly even without advanced technology.

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3. Wolf (Alien vs. Predator: Requiem)

Wolf is a seasoned hunter, as evidenced by the many helmets that adorn the walls of his lair, as well as the many weapons he wields (including a whip made from the tail of a Xenomorph).

His hunting history is cemented in the small details, like how he has a missing upper left fang and an acid burned face – the scars of past battles that point to his victories.

Wolf went to Earth to respond to a distress signal from the ship where Scar’s Xenomorph hybrid emerged. He fought well and killed a ton of them, including the Xenomorph-Predator hybrid, the Predalien.

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2. The Upgrade Predator (The Predator)

Much like the Fugitive Predator, the Upgrade Predator is an even stronger Yautja. He is able to tank nearly all firepower and weapons thrown at him, thanks to his exoskeleton.

Aside from this defense mechanism, the Upgrade Predator also doesn’t need the iconic Predator helmet.

We learn in The predator (2018) that there were bizarre experiments, modifications and hybridizations performed on him to keep the Yautja race at the top of the galactic food chain.

1. The Jungle Hunter (Predator)

The first Predator introduced, in 1987 with Predatortopped our list as the best Yautja ever.

Known as the Jungle Hunter, he might not be as huge as the Super Predators and he might not have the kill count of other more brutal Predators, but his iconic appearance sparked the craze for the Predators!

What makes the Jungle Hunter so badass is how cleverly it tracks down big bad warriors (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the gang), pumping up the action-packed scenes in legendary territory.

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