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The Chipper turns to franchise restaurant

ByStephanie M. Akbar

May 9, 2022
The Chipper, located on Geo. Washington Memorial Highway. in Grafton (Courtesy of Nancy Sheppard)

YORKTOWN— The Shreddera restaurant specializing in beer-battered fish & chips, is looking for potential franchise opportunities on Hampton Roads.

Since May 2022, the restaurant has been located in two locations:

Owner Patrick O’Carroll opened Chipper’s in 2018. His inspiration for the menu items and the restaurant’s name comes from his hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

“Fish and chips was a staple in Ireland and England. Every neighborhood had a Chipper or two,” O’Carroll said. “Locals would call these places ‘the shredder.’ In England, it is probably called “the chippy”.

Codwich and fries at The Chipper, located on the George Washington Memorial Highway (Route 17) in Grafton (Courtesy of Nancy Sheppard)

O’Carroll has been in the restaurant business for decades and is known for opening Grilles des Patriotes in Gloucester. Eventually, O’Carroll realized that the top-selling food item at Patriots Grill was Fish and Chips. This led him to think about opening his own shredder.

“I always thought about doing a Chipper,” O’Carroll said. “So when I came across the location, it seemed like a perfect choice for this kind of concept because there was nothing quite like it in the area. No one has ever done a real chipper here before. At least not that I know.

The Chipper offers both takeout and takeout, and the most popular menu items are cod and chips and haddock and chips.

“We also import a lot of food,” O’Carroll said. “We import curry sauce, pea puree and breaded sausages. We also sell a lot of Irish and English sweets, such as chocolate.

The Grafton-based Chipper is looking to become a franchisee (Courtesy of Nancy Sheppard)

Other menu items include breaded sausages, hand-breaded chicken tenders, sausage and fries, shrimp tacos, and a variety of burgers and sandwiches to try.

“All the fish is beer battered fish,” O’Carroll said. “We had to import the actual shredder because it is a particular type of thick cut. There’s nothing here that can do that. It actually looks like a mini wood chipper. It takes about 24 hours to prepare the fries for serving, and we sort of follow a routine with that. By the time the client gets it, they have already been working for 36 hours. »

O’Carroll says the best way to learn about franchising is to head to thechipper.com and send contact information.

For more updates on The Chipper, please visit its official website Facebook page.

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