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The Coolest Ghosts In The Ghostbusters Franchise, Ranked

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Jul 3, 2022

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who are you going to call? Peter, Egon, Ray and Winston have had to deal with a whole gallery of ghouls during their careers. Some were larger than life, some were breathtaking, some were downright hilarious, and some were just plain boring. But the Ghostbusters were always ready to capture those fantasies.

We’re going to take a look at some of the most prominent ghosts that have made viewers stop and admire them. These ghosts were some of the coolest to ever grace the big screen, whether it was for their designs, their powers, or even the evil plans that were put in place. But cool or not, they have to go, so let’s classify them before the boys have to cross the streams.

6 Slimer – Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989)

When you look at Slimer, “cool” might not be the first word that comes to mind. But, if you consider that this creature has the highest escape rate of any ghost captured by the Ghostbusters, only stays in the best hotels, and even works as a bus driver, you have to admit it seems have it all figured out. First appeared in ghost hunters (1984), Slimer has a residence at the Sedgwick Hotel. While he usually only ate food here and there, Gozer’s impending arrival caused Slimer to act out of character and become much more active.

As the Ghostbusters caught Slimer after a hotel-wide chase, Slimer would eventually break free alongside many other ghosts, thanks to Walter Peck. From there, Slimer would prove to be much more passive, simply eating food at important locations like Ghostbuster’s fire station and even assisting Louis Tully by driving him to the Manhattan Museum of Art in an attempt to help the team.


5 The Scoleri Brothers – Ghostbusters II (1989)

Crime doesn’t pay, but it can make for a cool story. However, these stories usually have a bad ending for the criminals in question. Ask Tony & Nunzio Scoleri, two brothers sentenced to death by the electric chair. While they may not have made a historic impact in life, they would leave their mark in death upon their return from the grave, with vengeance and mayhem on their agenda.

When Judge Wexler was ready to indict the Ghostbusters and put them out of business, the Scoleri brothers were said to have emerged from a psycho-magnotheric slime that had been charged with negative energy. They immediately castigated the judge and the prosecution team when they rose from the dead. The chaotic destruction of the courtroom by the Scoleris would lead to the reinstatement of the Ghostbusters. What’s cooler than gangsters rebelling against authority, making a difference for downtrodden heroes?

4 Muncher – Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

Muncher has the feat of being the first ghost discovered and captured by a new generation of Ghostbusters. We see Pheobe & Podcast find the little guy chomping on some of the metal from the Summerville Foundry. From there, we see the ghost taking his obsession too far, fleeing from potential capture and trying to eat any metal in sight.

Although Muncher was captured, it was how he would redeem himself that made him a cool partner to have in times of need. With Pheobe, Podcast, Trevor and Lucky stuck in a cell they can’t get out of, the team enlists Muncher to help them. Proving to be a good friend indeed, Muncher chewed through the bars of the cell, escaped, and helped free the team.

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3 Vigo the Carpathians – Ghostbusters II (1989)

Vigo is a man of many titles. Vigo the Cruel, The Scourge of the Carpathians, The Sorrow of Moldavia, etc. Vigo’s cool factor is said to come from his powers. While his mind was trapped in a painting for centuries, Vigo could feed on negative emotions and use his powers to take control of human beings, like unsuspecting museum curator Janosz Poha.

Vigo even possessed an abnormally long lifespan, having lived for 105 years before being executed in a similar manner. As his power increased, he was also shown to be able to fire lightning bolts and give his minions limited abilities, such as turning him into a ghost nanny. All for the purpose of kidnapping Dana Barrett’s baby so that Vigo can take physical form. Thanks to the Ghostbusters and a plan involving the Statue of Liberty and “Auld Lang Syne”, Vigo’s powers were diminished, as was his mark on history. Or so we think.

2 Vinz Clortho & Zuul – Ghostbusters (1984) & Ghostbusters Afterlife (2021)

Vinz Clortho the Keymaster and Zuul the Gatekeeper have no doubt the coolest practical designs in all ghost hunters franchise history. When not possessing humans, they assume forms similar to demon dogs. Following such an iconic design would be difficult, but with the advancement of special effects in cinema, Vinz Clortho & Zuul would become terrifying creatures capable of taking incorporeal form that would put viewers on the edge of their seat in epic chase encounters.

Vinz Clortho and Zuul are the henchmen of the Terrorist Dogs of Gozer, the two coming together to bring forth the Great Gozerian of Destruction. Although they can always play second fiddle together, they prove to be a formidable force. Whether it’s escaping the team’s containment attempts or holding off the Ghostbusters while Gozer enters the Material Plane, Vinz Clortho and Zuul prove to be effective henchmen in a genre where such a thing is sorely lacking.


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1 Gozer le Gozerien – Ghostbusters (1984) & Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

Gozer the Gozerian is a non-binary spirit worshiped as a god by ancient civilizations. Gozer is the coolest of all ghosts for his infinite design abilities, thanks to his shape-shifting ability. When we first see Gozer, they have taken on female form, with red eyes and crystalline clothing. In this form, Gozer would display acrobatic prowess as well as powerful punches and lightning strikes. Proving himself right, Gozer offers to assume any form Ghostbusters desired and would transform into a giant version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Although this form is removed with the crossing of streams, it would not be the last we hear of the Destroyer.

Gozer had a cult dedicated to bringing them to the mortal realm. Led by Ivo Shandor, the cult would develop architectural designs, using them to turn buildings into super-antennas for the spirit realm. With one hidden in a mine discovered by Ivo Shandor, Gozer would make their return in 2021. This time, displaying a return to their female form, Gozer would also display a terrifying image of a skull engulfed in flames. While Gozer would ultimately be defeated, their powerful powers, incredible imagery, and queer portrayal in both ancient and modern cinema earn them a high “cool” rating.

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