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    The funniest employee cameos in the franchise

    ByStephanie M. Akbar

    Jan 8, 2022

    90 Day Fiancé is famous for its random employee cameos, which are captured while stars are shopping, dining out, or hitting the gym.

    the 90 day fiancé the franchise is famous for its many tropes, and probably one of the funniest is the involvement of random retail workers in the cast member drama. In almost all seasons of 90 day fiancé and its fallout, an actor will end up telling an arbitrary employee that he is considering marrying someone from another country. Another scenario is that the reality TV star will discuss her relationship issues with the employee. Sometimes actors even ask workers for advice about their sex life with their partners.

    Although TLC appears keen to incorporate random workers into the scenarios, these employees frequently cause problems in actor relationships. 90 day fiancé Season 6 viewers will never forget when Larissa Lima was angry with her fiance Colt Johnson when he complimented a staff member’s glasses at a potential wedding venue because Larissa wanted him to compliment her on first. In the brand new 90 day fiancé: before 90 days season 5, Jasmine Pineda has already become angry with her partner Gino Palazzolo on several occasions, for situations involving restaurant workers. First, he asked a server for his name when Jasmine was on FaceTime, which caused his partner to end the phone call. When the two were out for dinner, he wanted to tip the waitress serving them, and she accused him of having “something with” her.


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    However, most of the time, the workers involved in the episodes add nothing to the drama. They are often asked to give the audience an overview of the unfolding situations, whether it is the arguments couples have inside their stores or their customers flying to other countries for to propose. Read on to get the inside scoop on the funniest random employee cameos.

    Boxing instructor Miguel Alejandro Cruz was crowned MVP of 90 day fiancé season 7 when Anny Francisco and Robert Springs were openly arguing in front of him, and he stepped in to essentially be their relationship counselor. Anny was angry that Robert did not remove the photos of his ex-girlfriends from his social media. In the midst of the argument, Anny and Robert visited a boxing gym to let off steam, and it was there that they met the boxing instructor, Miguel. He was trained in their argument and he even provided advice in two languages ​​(English and Spanish) so that Florida man Robert and Anny, originally from the Dominican Republic, could both understand. Basically, Miguel got a lot more involved in the situation than a random boxing instructor usually would. In his confessional, Miguel told cameras he didn’t think Anny and Robert would last two months. However, the couple are still going strong and they now have two children together.

    Arguably one of the most famous store workers appearing overall 90 day fiancé franchise, Melanie appeared in 90 day fiancé: the other way season 1 when Laura Jallali went to a sex shop. She was looking for supplies for her next trip to Qatar, where she would meet her online boyfriend, Aladin Jallali. Once in the shop, Laura would ask Melanie for advice on the toys she should buy. While many 90 day fiancé the cameos seem to come out of nowhere, Laura involving Melanie in this situation actually made sense. Of course, giving advice to clients about sex toys is a normal part of her job. However, it stopped being so normal when Laura told Melanie that she was buying the toys because she was going to Qatar to meet her sweetheart online. The producers then asked Melanie to make a confessional where they asked her if she knew where Qatar was. Melanie famously replied: “I have no idea where Qatar is located. I sell dildos for a living. “

    Viewers of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days Season 5 was instantly taken with Mike Berk, but felt his online girlfriend Ximena Morales Cuellar would break his heart. The local from Thiells, New York, took his friends John and Nelcy with him to the toy store, where he planned to buy toys for Ximena’s two young sons before his trip to Colombia. In this country, he would meet her for the first time. Fans immediately noticed that toy saleswoman Kathleen was wearing a colorful mask that covered her knitted beanie and two pairs of glasses. When Mike and his friends went to pay for the toys, Kathleen remarked that they did “very nice selectionsand asked who the toys were for. John announced that Mike was going to Colombia to meet Ximena for the first time, sharing that the toys were for his children. The employee looked doubtful but said: “they should be happy with the toys anyway. “She took off her glasses and mask for the confessional, where she called Mike’s effort”risk“and said if that didn’t work she hoped he would at least get it”a good cup of coffee. “

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    One of the most famous scenes of 90 day fiancé Season 8 was captured when Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya went to buy some furniture and started arguing in the store. Much like Anny and Robert’s boxing instructor, Miguel, the Laqure furniture store employee was heavily involved in the couple’s feuds. In fact, she offered advice to the warring couple. Laqure originally blamed Yara for not liking their apartment, even though it was in a nice neighborhood. When Yara asked Jovi for the word for “blanket“, Jovi told him of”learning English“, which prompted Laqure to tell him that he couldn’t”be mean like that“to Yara. On cameras, Laqure confessed that if she knew Yara, she would tell him Jovi was too.”sudden” and “probably not the one. She also suggested Jovi eat a Snickers bar, which she said would help calm her down. Fans loved her for putting Jovi there and appreciated the Snickers’ comment. Laqure is quick. become a fan favorite in this momentous season.

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