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The future home of the White Center Food Bank

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Sep 29, 2022

FOLLOW-UP: The future home of the White Center Food Bank

Back on Sunday, we covered the party hosted by the White Center Food Bank say goodbye to their future ex-location (8th SW/SW 108th). Early next year they will have to leave as this property is being redeveloped into affordable housing and a ‘community centre’. We’ve already reported on WCFB’s search for a new site, and the search is finally over – today WCFB officially announced the new location as it continues to roll out the fundraising campaign to get it ready :

After years of searching for their new home, the White Center Food Bank (WCFB) has purchased a building in the heart of
downtown White Center (10016-10024 16th Ave SW). This location will provide ample space for WCFB to grow and is centrally located to several major bus routes. However, significant renovations and other upgrades are needed to make the new food bank home welcoming and hospitable to all.

To raise the $6 million needed for this project, on September 25, WCFB kicked off its fundraising campaign with a group of customers, donors, employees, and board members celebrating together. “This is a community effort and we know that by bringing our neighbors together, we can find a way to nurture our community,” said WCFB Director of Development and Communications, Jefferson Rose.

The White Center Food Bank is looking beyond old models of service and working to develop new ways to nurture the community with equity, accessibility and dignity as guiding principles. The new White Center food bank will be more than just a place where people can get food. It will be a welcoming community hub located directly in the heart of the changing and growing downtown White Center.

This new facility will bring together an incredible array of community programs, hosted by both the food bank and partner organizations. WCFB wants people from all walks of life to walk through our doors together, so that everyone feels comfortable receiving food when they need it.

“We are excited that this next chapter allows us to better serve the community and revitalize this part of the neighborhood. We hope our supporters will continue to stand by our side to ensure the prosperity of our community,” said Carmen SmithExecutive Director.

To learn more, watch an informational video, renders, and more. here.

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