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ByStephanie M. Akbar

Jun 24, 2022

Since I’ve stirred enough pots already when it comes to heated on-field debates, it’s time to get him out of the field for the bleachers! There have been a number of posts regarding the cost of food and drink at Target Field that have fans spooked, but I’ll outline many of the items and locations and whether you should eat or avoid!

First, the beer. If you fancy a pint at play, there’s a huge selection of craft beers to pair with food as well as old-school American-style lagers perfect for a hot day at the park. I won’t list them all because…yes, it’s a lot. Location-wise, the best concentration of craft options can be found right at Gate 34. Selections ranging from Bent Paddle Cold Press Black Ale to Surly Furious and Goose Island Beer Hug IPA and styles from Vienna ( essentially a red) like Schell’s Firebrick are in the spotlight here. If you’re a Surly fan, just behind the left field bleachers and the Gray Goose bar is a Surly booth with options you won’t find elsewhere like Surly Hell. There are also “Minnesota Brews” booths around the stadium behind the Diamond Box areas where you can find a bean belt for nostalgia. Other options are also scattered. The selection on the upper deck is much more limited to the usual suspects. My favorites: Bent Paddle Cold Press Black Ale (gate 34), Beer Hug Hazy IPA (gate 34), Surly Hell (behind section 128) and Grain Belt (behind section 126).

Best Full Belly deal in the game:
Burger and fries basket. It’s $15 at the Hennepin Grill locations around the stadium, but the burger is big, has a flame-grilled taste, and a pretty solid selection. The fries are medium cut, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and taste rich as if they had been fried in peanut oil. It’s a good sized meal.

Senior smokes: (105, 305) Burrito Barbacoa. $10.50. It’s not quite the burger and fries stretcher, but it’s also only $10.50 compared to $15. This is a solid burrito close to specialty burrito chain quality.

Best budget option: the hot dog or soft pretzel at various places. They cost $4.00 at the door and are enough to tide you over a bit. Bring an empty water bottle with you and also get free water at various stations.

Best burger(s):
Red Cow 60/40 Bacon (2) Sliders with fries. $15.50 located behind section 126 Why the chips no one wants? I do not know. Either way, the sliders themselves deserve the Red Cow name. They are absolutely excellent and quite filling. Could use a little vinegary something like mustard or ketchup to break up the greasy flavor.

Blue Door Pub, a 2nd place here, goes to the $13.50 Cease and Desist “Jucy Blusy” Burger located at Door 34 of Jack Daniels Bar. It’s very good and large in size, but the thousand island and mayonnaise combo is a bit sticky and bland.
Don’t expect fast service for either of these burgers. There’s always a row for sliders (and they’re often missing for a bit at 126) and it looks like Jucy Blusy is primed to order.

Best sausages:
Bratwurst from Kramarczuk. $10 (behind court box 101, home plate box 112 and on floor 312). It’s a much better quality kid than the standard $8.50 option around the stadium. The glaze is so greasy and salty (like Polish sausage) that it makes it a real gut bomb in my opinion.

Other sandwich options:
Turkey to Go sandwich $11 next to Hrbek’s (114). Make sure you get one freshly made and they press hard on the turkey jerky to extract the juice. Otherwise, you’ll get a rather disgusting pile of slop buns. If done right, Turkey to Go is fantastic. Use the BBQ sauce if you like or skip it if you don’t. Good anyway. Note, it’s like the only station in the stadium that doesn’t have the option to tip in the payment app. What a disappointment for the staff.

Philly Cheesesteak. $11. I think I came across this one behind the 110ish section. Raw. Virtually inedible. While the grilled onions and peppers are very good and the cheese sauce is ok, the meat? (is it meat??) It’s like an unseasoned sloppy joe mix or something. It’s not fair, best described as slop, and I haven’t finished it. I like just about all memory foods.

Murray’s Smoked Beef Sandwich (103). $15. Very high quality roast beef, but without au jus and weak horseradish sauce, the sandwich is disappointing. Ignore it, this is from a big fan of Murray’s restaurant.

Senior Smokes: $10.50 (105, 305) barbacoa beef burrito. Filling, maybe not as good as Chipotle, Pancheros and Qdoba, but definitely close. There are also vegetarian options, if desired. A much better deal than nachos because this burrito will fill you up.

Tony O’s Cubano: $13 (114). I have to be honest here, a lot of people go wild over this one, but it really didn’t impress me compared to the other options around the stadium. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not that it was great.

Unexpected options:
Hot Indian (120): Chicken tikka (pronounced tick-a, not teek-a) masala. It’s legitimately good and very sweet + gluten free. They have a spicy sauce condiment that gives a kick or two if you want it. The cabbage veggie mix on top is okay. The rice was a bit undercooked, but overall I liked it. Note: I expect the chana masala to be very good as well and to be vegan + gluten free. Have you ever eaten Indian food? Think a rich, thick, very flavorful and complex creamy tomato soup with tender pieces of chicken poured over rice and topped with finely chopped cabbage here.

Cheese curds: $8 (109, 305). The portion is quite good, but $8 still seems a little pricey. The curd is small size mozzarella, coated and fried. They have a good flavor, if not a little salty. They’re not quite as good as the ones you’ll get at the State Fair because the batter used at Target Field is a little meh, but they’re still great if you’re craving cheese.

Herbivore Butcher Vegan Bratwurst (129). Its good. You won’t confuse it with the real deal and the aftertaste is decidedly a fine vegetarian wheat flavor, but for vegans/vegetarians, it’s not bad.

Hot Indian (120): Chana masala…okay, I haven’t eaten this dish yet, but when Indian is good, it’s universally good and the tikka masala was solid here.

And the desserts? :
Tiny Tim’s Mini Donuts: (135) $6 for one bag. Excellent mini donuts take my vote for best dessert/dessert of the game. Baked fresh, sprinkled hot with sugar, they are everything you hope for in mini donuts. Be aware, get them before round 7, I’ve seen them miss more than once. I would choose them over the expensive and mediocre soft serve ice cream in the helmet or the waffle cone any day.

Many high-quality options are hidden away at Hrbek or inside the Town Ball Tavern, but a few have been moved exclusively to the Truly On Deck (formerly Metropolitan Club). I have not listed them even though some are certified good. Good options if you want to sit down, don’t want to do the walk of shame and have SRO tickets, though!

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