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The Walking Dead’s Zombies Have A Secret Ability The Franchise Ignores

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Jun 19, 2022

In an issue of The Walking Dead comic book series, it appears that zombies have a game-changing secret ability, but the franchise completely ignores it.

Through The Walking Dead franchise, the comic book series explored nearly every potential scenario surrounding a zombie apocalypse that wasn’t limited to the undead themselves, as humans, not zombies, turned out to be the deadliest monsters in series. However, there’s one aspect of the saga that was briefly teased and then completely ignored – a secret ability exhibited by the titular walkers themselves.

The Walking Dead primarily follows a character named Rick who wakes up from a coma to find the world around him has been thrown into chaos. A zombie outbreak occurred while Rick was unconscious, which quickly crippled society, forcing humans to live in small factions to survive, some of which were incredibly violent and corrupt. After reuniting with his family, who had aligned themselves with a number of other survivors, Rick quickly steps in as leader of the group given his relevant law enforcement experience. Traveling through the world of the undead, Rick and his crew encounter a fairly established civilization led by a name known as The Governor, though this seemingly promising sign of good fortune soon turned into a living nightmare.


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In The Walking Dead #29 by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn, The Governor has held Rick, Glenn, and Michonne captive and tortures them for information about their origin after seemingly unbelievably welcoming during their initial introduction a few issues before. After brutally assaulting Michonne and then physically and psychologically tormenting Glenn, the Governor returns to his house where his daughter was waiting for him. Thing is, the Governor’s daughter is a zombie and the second he walks through the door, she attacks him in an attempt to take a juicy bite of his living flesh. Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering she’s a zombie, the Governor is surprised saying, “You haven’t tried to attack me in monthsbut then realized that his bucket of food (human remains) was nearly empty, concluding that was the reason for his attempted assault.

Zombies in The Walking Dead have a forgotten ability.

This interplay between the Governor and his undead daughter implies that the zombies are more than just empty husks of endless hunger and pure aggression, but that they can actually learn. The fact that the Governor’s daughter had not attacked him in the months before the events of this issue meant that she understood that as long as the Governor was around there would be an endless supply of food in his bucket. It wasn’t until she ran out of food that the little zombie girl saw the Governor himself as food, concluding that he could either provide food or become one.

While it’s possible that the bucket of human body parts was simply a constant distraction for the Governor’s zombie daughter and she didn’t learn anything, that seems unlikely given how zombies have always been depicted. in The Walking Dead as well as other existing zombie movies, shows, or books. When a zombie sees fresh meat, even if it’s chewing on a corpse, it stops what it’s doing and chases after it as its will to kill and eat overtakes it. The Governor said his daughter hasn’t attacked him in months, which doesn’t make sense unless his undead daughter learns, in fact, of a secret ability present in zombies that he has been alluded to in this issue of The Walking Deadthen never explored again.

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