• Thu. Sep 22nd, 2022

The Worst Decisions Pennywise Made In The IT Franchise

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 25, 2022

All of the iterations of “It” feature the fairly consistent concept of a monster that wakes up roughly every 27 years to feed, wreak havoc, and make life in Derry unpleasant for everyone. Mass death events have occurred regularly at 27-year intervals since the beginning of the region’s recorded history, involving everything from Roanoke-from the demise of the city’s first settlers to tragedies such as the Easter explosion at Kitchener Ironworks, which killed 102 people. Since none of these events appear to be noted as suspicious in the city records, it’s safe to say that this hunting tactic worked well for Pennywise for the roughly 2,000,000 years that she resided under present-day Derry.

Despite the centuries of success where he is first encountered in the plot, he has begun to hunt children individually, seemingly abandoning his previous methodology in favor of customizing each encounter for a single individual. With this updated approach, Pennywise mostly manages to increase the number of people who see and remember it in the long run.

“So why change tactics? one might ask. There is no readily available answer in the text or in any of the adaptations so far. However, this may be addressed in the upcoming prequel series which promises to provide a backdrop for the dancing clown. For now, though, it’s still an odd tactical move on the World Eater’s part.

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