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    These are the five funniest stunts in the Jackass franchise

    ByStephanie M. Akbar

    Jan 10, 2022

    Known for its painful stunts, sordid humor, and grotesque lack of self-preservation, the hugely popular franchise Donkey has stunned audiences for years, thanks in large part to its fearless cast: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, Ehren ‘Danger Ehren’ McGhehey, Preston Lacy and Jason ‘Wee Man ‘Acuna. These are all men who, over the years, would rather create “the biggest belly flop in the world ever done in pure piss”, rather than settle in some mediocre middle ages.

    As the last iteration of the Donkey the crew is preparing for the fourth round with 2022 Jackass forever, the question of the legacy of “favorite stunts” comes into play – whether it’s super gluing Bam Margera’s hands to the hairy chests of Preston Lacy and Phil Margera, to Ryan Dunn cramming a toy car into her. the buttocks or Steve-O stapling his scrotum to his thigh, there is always enough (and often too much) Donkey go around. Ahead of the film’s February release, here’s a list of the five funniest stunts ever performed throughout the franchise’s ridiculous history.

    Disclaimer: The stunts in this article were performed by professionals; do not attempt any of the stunts you are about to read.

    5 The goldfish (Donkey, Season 1 – Episode 2)

    Have you ever wanted to see a man swallow a live goldfish, forcefully dig his fingers down his throat to regurgitate the aforementioned goldfish, then call the goldfish his ‘buddy’ as he swims around his vomit infested bowl? ? No? If you did, feast your eyes on one of Steve-O’s most infamous stunts, where he spends two minutes alternating between drinking pints of water and violently vomiting as the beloved fish descends the along his esophagus, in the latest adaptation of what might also be named, Schrödinger’s goldfish.

    There is a brief wave of doubt that Steve-O will be able to successfully expel the animal, and the idea that his obituary might read “Choked by Fish” sounds darkly astute – however, there are all the Chances are this constitutes mercy murder for the man who frequently throws dog poop directly into his ear canal. Despite his digestive tract’s best intentions, the goldfish reappears from the back of Steve-O’s throat in a divine feat, swimming happily around the bowl of stringy stomach acid and saliva. Steve-O yells, smiles and turns to the camera, uttering the dreaded words, “I’ve never done this before… This was my first time trying it.”

    4 Sh * t Show Treadmill (Jackass 3.5)

    After the New Year begins, it’s no surprise that many people are resolving to try and ditch junk food in favor of the treadmill; however, when the session involves high-speed skateboarding and a brief adventure into the recesses of Wee-Man’s anus, the goal seems slightly less attainable. Starring Knoxville, Dunn, Margera, Wee-Man, Pontius, Steve-O, England, Ehren and Fall, the stunt uses eight consecutive treadmills to allow men to more effectively catapult into each other.

    “Dave was kicked in the […] face, ”Bam Margera said in an after the fact interview, superimposed on footage of Dave England’s bleeding nose. In the next part of the waterfall, the treadmills are stacked on top of each other for a high-speed ride, resulting in an unusually sophisticated photo of Ryan Dunn’s face penetrating Wee-Man’s behind – an act that, surprisingly, , was not the worst. something that has happened to Dunn throughout the franchise (as the aptly named “Poo Dive” stunt offers proof to the contrary).

    asshole 2
    Paramount Pictures / MTV Films

    Take a moment to think about one of the worst animals to be trapped with in a small, confined pit. If you weren’t thinking “bull,” this stunt might change your mind. Armed with no protective gear and stuck on a four-way swing with a rabid bull running underneath, Knoxville, Pontius, Dunn and Margera are forced to jump up and down to avoid a horrific mayhem. They comb it for a few moments, still managing to grab onto their lollipops and propeller caps, but the bull has only one intention as soon as Dunn is launched from his seat: to kill.

    With Margera and Dunn being the first to run (or get thrown into the wall), Knoxville is, as you might expect, the only man left standing after a few moments, and rather than packing him for the day, he chooses to dig deeper into the preschool comparisons by shouting, “I’m not out yet!” as the charging bull throws it towards the center of the seesaw, effectively destroying the craft. Fortunately, the matadors rush to distract the bull and save Knoxville from untimely death, but this is one of the few stunts where even Steve-O watches in horror.

    2 Butt Chug (Jackass number two)

    In the years since Steve-O’s brief foray into goldfish swallowing, it was only reasonable that a whole new method of inserting objects where they shouldn’t be emerged: more precisely, “the choking of the buttocks”. To set the scene, Steve-O is stretched out in a Hawaiian shirt and floppy sun hat, the funnel indeliciously pushed along his rectal orifice, while the gang of brothers stand up shouting “Chug!” As the tube of beer slowly disappears inside Steve-O’s body.

    Equipped only with a plunger and his intelligence, Bam Margera goes to work removing the last dregs from Steve-O’s lower beer, to the sound of Johnny Knoxville shouting, “He pees like a girl!” With a final dive, a spout of beer escapes Steve-O’s body as the men jump to avoid getting drenched. When Steve-O declares to the camera and says, “I’m sorry dad, but no one will miss this for the world,” he’s not wrong.

    The cast of Jackass Forever
    Paramount Pictures

    1 Supreme Cocktail Poop (3d asshole)

    If Steve-O’s bum beer wasn’t bad enough, try toss yourself fifty yards into the air in a Port-A-Potty filled with feces. As toilets regurgitate their contents all over Steve-O and campgrounds, you can see Margera’s vomit, Steve-O’s vomit, and the rest of the cast seriously considering vomiting, in one of the stunts. largest and grossest ever made across the Donkey franchise.

    In a suite interview with the Los Angeles Times, Steve-O said, “I have this crazy little dog. I take it for a walk every day. Every time my dog ​​poops, I pick him up with the little doggy bag. And honestly, for the rest of my life, every time I pick up my dog’s poop, I’m going to look at it and hold it in my hand and think, “Dude, I’m gnarled!” There are very few bodily fluids that haven’t been tapped for a gag (literally) by the cast of Donkey, but this one really takes the cake. Gnarly, in every sense of the word, indeed.

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