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Tim Tebow urges RFDC participants to seek significance, not just success | Franchise News

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Nov 15, 2022


Tim Tebow was on top of the world at 19, having won college football’s highest honour, the Heisman Trophy. But he was soon to learn a burning lesson which he passed on to the crowd at the Restaurant Finance and Development Conference today in an inspirational speech.

Tebow is an investor and brand ambassador for Clean Juice, the USDA-certified organic juice brand co-founded by Kat and Landon Eckles in 2016, which has grown from one store to 100 in five years. The philanthropist, author, businessman, former NFL player, baseball pro and college football star said passion makes the difference in life, and he went on to define the word.

“Passion means you care so much that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for it,” he said. “I would add one thing to that. It’s not just, do you have passion, but do you have compassion? Compassion means, you care about someone so much that you’re willing to suffer with it. him.”

He learned a third lesson when he turned down a million-dollar publicity job to please legendary coach Bill Belichick, who signed him with the New England Patriots but then cut him weeks later: Tebow was told, “It looks like you’ve been pretty far from doing something for a sport. What would you be willing to do for something that really matters?”

Let’s go back to the Heisman trophy, which he won in 2007 at a ceremony in New York, beating three other finalists. “They read my name as the winner of this surreal prize,” he recalls, then later a missionary organization asked him to go to Thailand. “We stop in this huge field. It’s as far as the eye can see. It’s a line of people all facing each other”, all hungry, queuing to receive food.

“One of the locals grabbed my shirt. He grabs me by the shirt again and points over there. He points to a mass of humanity,” but Tebow didn’t understand what the man wanted. Then he saw it. “On the other side of this feeding center was this ditch – mud, sewage, garbage, all of it was really not good. There was a little boy crouching in it, his face was so malnourished you could see every bone in his face and every bone in his arms,” Tebow said.

“This little boy who was hungry for food and hope was wearing an orange and blue #15 Florida Gators Tim Tebow jersey. It was so shocking, because it’s a time when everyone was saying, ‘ you succeeded, the most successful individually.’ But I look at this boy, and it’s a contrast to that. What could a game do for this boy? Nothing. But what could I do for him? A lot.

And Tebow shared his final lesson, which he asked the restaurateurs and finance professionals in attendance to take to heart. “I’m so grateful for what I learned that day: the difference between success and importance.”

The Sold Out Restaurant Finance and Development Conference, presented by Franchise Times sister publication, the Restaurant Finance Monitor, continues through noon Wednesday at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

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