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TOMI advances SteraMist disinfection in the food safety industry

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 12, 2022

TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.®, a global company specializing in disinfection and decontamination solutions, announces that TOMI’s SteraMist disinfection continues to make strides in the food safety industry.

Earlier this month, TOMI showcased its products at the annual meeting of the International Association for Food Production, which was attended by renowned food safety professionals, academics and governments. The company demonstrated its SteraMist IHP cold plasma technology and how SteraMist preserves product shelf life. A poster summarizing the fourth and final paper published by the USDA was displayed at the meeting, stating that “H2O2 residues on the surface of tomato fruit declined rapidly after treatment.”

Sanitizing food without leaving residue on food is particularly important to maintain product quality and freshness, and we believe that SteraMist, which uses H2O2 solutions, is able to provide this important benefit.

TOMI worked with partners to produce additional studies evaluating the effectiveness of SteraMist IHP technology in killing pathogens commonly found on surfaces and products. A recent study was conducted at a large-scale CEA vertical farm (Kalera Inc.) using the 7.8% BIT solution and SteraMist equipment. molds such as Alternaria (Ulocladium), Aspergillus/Pennicillum, Acremonium++ and Botrytis levels went from high/medium to non-existent/undetectable, showing a dramatic reduction in fungal growth and mold spores after using SteraMist disinfection. With notable effectiveness against Alternaria, a species causing a 20% yield loss in annual vegetable production, SteraMist is able to reduce the amount of shrinkage and, in turn, reduce labor costs through ease of use and no dwell time or wipe off. necessary.

“SteraMist’s partners who conduct these studies and tests, such as the USDA and IESC, are essential in ensuring that we develop the optimal solution to protect our foods from pathogens and contamination. We believe that the food safety industry is following the same path as life science companies for TOMI in terms of thinking about and implementing sanitization measures. Several studies, trials and requirements were developed before SteraMist was accepted in the life science industry,” says Elissa (EJ) Shane, COO of TOMI.

“After proven success, SteraMist has set a standard for effective disinfection in the life science industry, and we believe this is the same path as the food safety industry. Over time, we believe that SteraMist will also become the food safety industry standard for disinfection.

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