• Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Tried Spicebros’ ‘MTL Blog Roll’ on UberEats and it was fire, bro (literally)

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Oct 28, 2022


Spicebros x MTL blog… who would have thought? Well, one night when I was craving Indian and was scrolling through one of my favorite places, I was quite amazed when I noticed they had an “MTL Blog Roll” at the menu and obviously I had to try it.

I contacted Spicebros just to make sure I didn’t see anything and it turns out the Frankie Roll is totally inspired by us. “Since Spicebros is a brand born in Montreal, we wanted to name one of our rolls after him,” the restaurant told MTL Blog.

The Frankie roll is butter chicken poutine on garlic naan topped with pickled onions and scorpion sauce, and while I’ve enjoyed their butter chicken poutine many times before, having rolled it up with a little extra love took things to the next level.

The roll is $13, which isn’t too shabby for something that was filled with hell and even more fire.

Although I was a bit apprehensive when trying the Spicebros scorpion sauce, as I thought it might overpower all the other flavors, it complemented them quite well.

The first bite was all it really took to make me want another, and another and well…another.

From the signature butter sauce, spiced potatoes and cheese curds to the tangy, sweet and crunchy taste of pickled onions – I was in love. Although when you’re dealing with a wrap as packed as the MTL Blog Roll, things will get a little soggy and messy, but that certainly didn’t detract from the experience.

Sorry, The Sloppy Trio and Tandoori Chicken Frankie, but now I have a new favorite menu item at Spicebros.

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