• Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

West Seattle Blog… | BIZNOTE: “Major transformation” for Westwood Village McDonald’s

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Sep 8, 2022

After a few questions from readers about why the Westwood Village McDonald’s is fully fenced, with major work on site, we checked city records and noted renovation and upgrade permits, and found this summary: “Review front service counter and menu boards internal. Remove self-serve beverage kiosks and install self-serve order panels. Redesign the approach to drive-thru and move the trash can enclosure. Another permit file mentioned “new interior and exterior lighting”. In addition to verifying these files, we contacted the company to request more details. Spokesperson for McDonald’s in the United States Mike Vizza replied that the restaurant is “undergoing a major makeover that will improve the customer experience inside and out. We are placing a greater emphasis on hospitality by integrating technology into the dining experience, with new self-ordering kiosks and table service that offer customers greater personalization and the ability to relax while their food is prepared. He had no estimate of the reopening date, just that “we will be working diligently on the remodeling over the next few months.” Other McDonald’s in the area have already been renovated, including Admiral four years ago. In the meantime, WWV has more burgers on the way, with five guys enter just west of McDonald’s (we first reported this plan in May, and it continues to move forward in permitting cases).

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