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West Seattle Blog… | BIZNOTES: The future of TACONtainer; Gigi’s Coffee; Therapeutic Street

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Apr 26, 2022


Lots of biznotes to report today – we’ll start with these three (with three more later this afternoon):

THE FUTURE OF TACONTAINER: When Victor closed the unique taco truck on Alki two months ago (aside from occasional openings), he said someone was preparing to take it over. It fell into the water. It is therefore available – here is its argument:

Available for hire immediately and until March 2023. There is a possibility of an extension, but this is uncertain as the container may need to be moved to another location in spring 2023. Water, electricity and sewage are connected. All cooking equipment and supplies included. Everything is up to code, licensed, authorized, and last inspected by Seattle Public Health in March 2022. Self-ordering kiosk and kitchen display system for automated orders may also be included. For the amount and rental conditions, please contact Victor at 808-352-1779 or [email protected].

GIGI’S COFFEE: Chief Gino Williamson expressed his hopes of resuming the Super 24 building on Delridge didn’t work out, as he couldn’t agree the terms of the lease with the landlord, so he’s still looking for a place to open a physical restaurant (which will be called Gigi’s Cafe, after his daughter). Meanwhile, his mobile catering business TheHomeSkillit.com keeps moving – you may have seen it recently on Webster by The reception deposit and Southwest neighborhoodand he takes online dinner orders by phone every night.

THERAPEUTIC RUE: Josie emailed their new company announcement:

Rue Therapeutics: Massage and Pilates open at Morgan Street Junction!

Located in West Seattle Pilates (6521 California SW); Rue Therapeutics offers myofascial and gentle Swedish massage combined with private Pilates classes.

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