• Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

West Seattle Blog… | UKRAINE: Sisters organize aid from West Seattle


Three weeks after the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian people are still fighting. A West Seattle woman and her sister, who made it through early in the fighting, hope you can help their homeland.

Catherine Bakay owns Bend and stretch physiotherapy. She came to the United States as an exchange student in 2000 and has been in Seattle since 2010, West Seattle since 2015. Her sister Darya lived in kyiv, the besieged Ukrainian capital, but has been there since March 1. Katerina explains that her sister arrived “after 6 days on the road through shelling and artillery fire. She walked across the Hungarian border (couldn’t take her car) and then her friends drove her to Poland, from where she flew to Seattle.

They remain in close contact with family and friends in Kyiv, as circumstances there have grown increasingly desperate, with shortages of food and supplies: “Some houses have lost heat, so people are bundled up in blankets because it’s cold in Ukraine right now. The children are crying because they do not understand what is happening and the parents are trying to normalize the situation by taking the children outside during the hours without a curfew.

They are raising funds to help people left behind: “The money we collect will be used to sponsor local voluntary organizations that are on the ground in major cities in Ukraine, including kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson , where people distribute food and water to elderly people who cannot leave their homes.Another organization helps local military personnel with basic medical supplies, such as tourniquets and bulletproof vests If you can donate, they have a crowdfunding page here.

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