• Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

What Bobby Flay wants people to know about the restaurant industry

ByStephanie M. Akbar

Aug 31, 2022

Bobby Flay got his start in the culinary business as a teenager, working as a cook at the legendary theater district restaurant Joe Allen’s in New York (per Food Network). His father was a partner in the restaurant and made the job possible, but Flay worked hard and showed promise and Flay was a chef when he was 20. He was soon on the verge of creating the innovative restaurant concepts he is known for today, featuring bold Southwestern ingredients and Spanish flavors, elevating the staple burger and still firing up the grill.

Flay got into the restaurant business because he wanted to “make good food” (per casual wear). But he wants people to know that when you go from chef to chef-owner or partner and open restaurants, you end up being less connected to food and more focused on day-to-day challenges and logistics. that accompany being an entrepreneur.

“You want to open restaurants,” Flay explains, “and all the passion becomes a smaller percentage of what you do every day, especially when you become a restaurant entrepreneur, however you want to describe it, because the running a business has all these other components that kind of get in the way of your passion, which is you just want to make great food so I think that’s the hardest part of being in the catering industry…

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